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  • Kona 3G Control panel not displaying timecode…

  • John Sirabella

    November 9, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Hi All,

    I have a Kona 3G card and was asked to capture some digibeta tapes with embedded time code. After some research I saw that using AJA VTR Exchange that you can capture the embedded time code from the deck directly.

    In VTR I can see the timecode when the deck option is selected but can not when RP188 is selected. I than with into the AJA control panel and I do not see it there also under the timecode option but in all the examples I have read it is there. Is it a hardware issue as you must have an HD-SDI connected via BNC I read or something else?

    When I brought the footage into FCP I see the embedded time code but once I place on the timeline the timecode is not being used on the timeline. I figure that makes sense cause of different clips will have all different time codes and you will create a new timecode when you output. I saw in QT PLayer 7 you can see the embedded timecode generated by FCP. So do you need VTR to capture embedded timecode as I read or not? Seems FCP capture did it fine based upon media-in and media-out values.

    Thank you all for reading and sorry for the newbie questions and trying to get better at this.


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