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  • Is there no way of bulk importing several AE comps at once?

    Posted by Xavier Bonet on November 5, 2023 at 5:05 pm

    I have over 70 different screen element animation comps in an AE project and I have to export them all individually.

    I open up AME’s Media Browser, browse for the AE project, open it up as directory and find the folder with all my comps, select that, it connects for some time to get all the info and then shows me all my different comps in separate icons to the right, I select them all and choose Import to Import to Queue…

    And instead of just popping all my 50 comps into the queue, it opens up an individual import dialogue for each, where it shows all the folders in my AE project and apparently it doesn’t need anything from me except to open one of those folders for it to import and open an import dialogue for the next item.

    So this import dialogue is 100% useless. It serves no purpose at all. Just wastes time, really.

    It’s as if AME doesn’t like bulk imports. If you don’t use the MB, then you can only select one comp at a time from this import dialogue. I assumed that using MB would allow me to just quickly pop all the comps in the queue, but still it seems Adobe needs to add a useless hurdle for some reason. It still is quite faster, easier and less frustrating than manually searching for the comp in each of the import dialogues if you don’t use MB. But it does seem like bad software design overall. I mean, why not just let the user select multiple comps however they choose to import them.

    Is there any other way to speed up this process, ie can this useless import dialogue be bypassed somehow,a t least when using MB? Or is it just a bug/limitation of AME?

    Xavier Bonet replied 5 months, 1 week ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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