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  • imported media and ama linked media on one timeline?

     Shane Ross updated 5 years ago 2 Members · 2 Posts
  • Jonathan Ehrlich

    September 7, 2015 at 9:57 am

    I am working on a project on Avid Mc6, with all the media imported the “normal” way (Dnxhd 120).
    No I have some new clips that I want to import, but since Avid recognizes those clips as spanned clips, I have trouble doing the import. A quick search on google told me that spanned clips are best opened via Link to AMA.
    Since the rest of my files were imported and not linked to AMA, my question is this: can I combine AMA linked media and imported clips on one timeline? will this cause trouble later when I will switch from offline to online (for instance when trying to batch import in order to up-res)?
    If yes, how can I make Avid import my spanned clips?

    Thanks, Jonathan.

  • Shane Ross

    September 7, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    Importing is no longer the “normal” way to import. That’s the OLD “normal” way. The new “normal” way is to AMA link, and then transcode. This way Avid can span the files and when you transcode, you get one clip. What you shouldn’t do is AMA link and just edit while linked. That MIGHT be OK for some formats, and short form work…but it really slows the system down.

    Typical workflow is:

    1) Shoot
    2) Back up media to archive drive
    3) AMA link to archived media
    4) TRANSCODE to Avid Media. Either full res (DNx145, 115, 220…etc) and finish that. Or transcode to offline res like DNx36, 14:1…whathaveyou.
    5) KEEP the bin of AMA linked media in the project…move it to a folder you name something, like AMA MEDIA. This way, should your transcoded media go offline for any reason, you can re-transcode…OR…

    If you are using Full Res media…ignore these steps…

    6) Edit and then lock picture with your offline res media.
    7) Open all the AMA bins.
    8) Duplicate your sequence. Now, select the duplicate and RELINK TO AMA…choose all open bins. This will relink the sequence to all the full res media again.
    9) Transcode the sequence to high res media.

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