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  • Huge 2GB vector file! How do I shrink file size?

  • Julie Mullins

    September 30, 2010 at 4:16 am

    A while back I designed a 86″ high v 32″ wide banner in Illustrator. Today I saved it as an .eps and the file was 2GB!!! This can’t be right, can it?! Granted, 1/3 of this big banner is a 300DPI raster photograph, 2GB seems really high!
    I made the text outlines, deleted unused palate items, and deleted an unused layer. What else can I do to shrink this file size?
    I am working/made the graphics at the 86″x32″ artboard size. Is this wrong? Would I be able to shrink the actual image size, save it as an .eps, and then have it scaled back up by the printer without it losing quality? I feel like that might be my problem, but I’d like your advice

    I appreciate any help!

  • Terry Mikkelsen

    September 30, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    I responded to your other post, but I noticed something different here.

    You make it sound like your .ai file is not 2GB, but your .eps is. I’m not sure exactly the reasons (I think it has to do with postscript level 2 vs 3), but if your eps is Illy version 8 or earlier, the file does become quite large. I think that PS Level2 doesn’t support transparency layering and so has to flatten everything.

    Also 300 dpi is WAY TOO MUCH (for this situation). Call your printer, like I said in the other post.

    Tech-T Productions

  • Julie Mullins

    October 2, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    The AI file is about 1.5GB and the .EPS is about 2GB. I tried scaling it down and the file size still remains the same. I also tried taking out a lot of the gradients in it, and the file size is the same… I don’t know what’s going on

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