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Forums Adobe Premiere Pro how to warp stablize w/o loosing any of my original image?

  • how to warp stablize w/o loosing any of my original image?

  • Robert Wentz

    October 9, 2021 at 1:34 am

    So before i get a dozen responses saying set framing to stabilize only, please hear me out.

    I want to *only* stablize my footage, like my trusty discreet smoke used to do – don’t cut in on any part of the image. Easy enough to get premier to not scale and crop the result but no matter what I set “method” or “Framing” to, any combination of the two (or any other setting) – every single time the result trims off the edges of the image. It’s inveresly relative to the “smoothness” paramter, that is if i set the smoothness to 10% not a whole lot is cut off, if i set it to 0 nothing is cut off, but of course there is also no stablization. If i set smoothness to 50% a significant amount is trimmed off the edges of the video i’m stabilizing, so on.

    I swore this worked like a charm no problems a while back, I’ve gone back to 2017 (11.1.2) and the problem exists there. I can only go up to premiere pro 2020 (on an old cheese grater 5,1) and the problem is there also.

    Footage is cineform 1920×1080 59.94 shot on a GoPro Hero3.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated the only results i’m able to find in regard to warp stablizer bug workarounds deal with the offset bug who’s solve is to set smoothness higher than 50%

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