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  • How to link and move only one object and the rest will loosely follow in after effects?

  • Christian Ates

    May 7, 2020 at 1:08 pm

    Hello everyone, this is my first time here, and new to Adobe After Effects. Now, I have this problem where I need to drag only one object (which is the red circle in the image below) and the rest of the colored circles will follow on delay. I search on the web and there’s no way I can find any specific explanation to mine, so I decided to create a post here so that somebody could notice and help me.

    Yellow and, orange circle linked with the parent red circle.
    I did this on Adobe illustrator, but I cannot find any tools for this in Adobe After Effects. What I want is to only move one object and then the rest will adjust on their own, proportionally. Is this possible?

    Every single-colored circle in that image will be replaced with Illustrator file to be animated later on. Please, if someone could provide, expressions, instructions, or a step-by-step guide with pictures, I would greatly appreciate.

    Thank you so much for your efforts, I will try to answer your questions if there’s any, as soon as I can, so I can clarify my concern. I hope you understood my point, sorry for my bad English.

  • Graham Quince

    May 9, 2020 at 10:35 am

    I think the pickwhip with expressions might help.

    Create a Null Object and parent all your circles to it. This is important for AE’s coordinate system.
    Select all your layers and hit P to expose the position keyframes.
    Use the Pickwhip next to the Orange’s position property and drag it to the Rad position property. Then at the end of the newly created line, type *0.7. This will take whatever position value of the Red Circle and set it to 7/10 for the orange.
    So if Red is 100×100 pixels, Orange will be 75×75.
    Repeat for Yellow, but this time add *0.5 – Free FX for amateur films – FX blog

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