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  • Hesitation about V Pro 14

     Paul Berk updated 4 years, 11 months ago 3 Members · 3 Posts
  • Michael West

    November 30, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    For some reason I haven’t received a single email about Vegas Pro 14 even though I’ve used it since version 8. As result, I was late to the game on the original upgrade and then lost interest until I heard more about what Magix was doing. I’ve heard a number of odd things – no AC-3 Pro encoding? While there is a hack workaround, that’s not exactly encouraging. And then I’ve heard that the Titler version is not one but two versions behind the current and no longer supported? I have heard some good things such as Mercalli still being included. But if you search for reviews of Vegas Pro 14, it’s barren as if few care. On Amazon you’ve got a dozen reviews all from the Vine program, mostly from people who barely do any video editing and they’ve been provided with a free copy. It’s a comedy.

    I’ve been using v.12 for quite some time. Now it’s opening up the licensing window every time I use it as if it’s a new install but at least that version still works. Not sure if I’m gaining anything with v.14 or considering elsewhere. And I’m not paying Adobe a monthly service fee. Just unsure whether to plunk down the large amount Magix is requiring, which is much more than years gone by for a bigger question mark. Appreciate all comments and input.

  • László Kovács

    November 30, 2016 at 4:04 pm


    This is my opinion only.

    If you plan to stay with Vegas, probably V14 is the next step. I upgraded from V10 this year.
    (The path was V10–>V13 (for $200, but with free upgrade to V14) –> V14

    V10 to 13 upgrade gave me absolutely nothing.
    The benefit, I was hoping to get was the GPU acceleration, which was a failure.
    All builds of V13 suffered from bugs, which basically made me impossible to use GPU with V13.
    I really appreciate, that these bugs were fixed in V14. (Which does not mean V14 is free of bugs – ot isn’t)

    The AC3 pro is the one thing I really miss, but there is a legal workaround, which does not require any hack.
    I can render the sound to uncompressed wav.
    Than that import to Vegas 10, and having DVDA 5.2 beside V10, I can render a nice AC3 pro.
    I think the same is possible for you with V12 and the corresponding DVDA.

    What I usually do is possible with stock Vegas FX, so I can’t say anything about mercalli and such.
    But with my FullHD content, and few (up to 5 video) tracks, some color corecting effects and sometimes some blur,
    I get 25fps preview, and near realtime renders – sometimes a bit faster, or just a little bit slower.
    All this with an aged i5 3570 and a Radeon 6970.

    So a 15 min fullHD render with V10 took hours, and this was cut down to couple of minutes.
    A 80 min render for DVD took 2..3 hours, dependeing on the content, now this is 35..40 minutes. (With GPU enabled).

    So this was a gain for me.
    If I were you, I would download the trial of V14 and try it and discover, if it gives any benefit to you.

    Best regards

    László Kovács

  • Paul Berk

    November 30, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    For me V14 was worth the upgrade since I wanted the Mercalli V4 and the NewBlue .. Not a lot of direct benefit from V14 but I feel good that I’m keeping up with the latest version and I’m find the Mercalli very useful. NewBlue is another story. It runs, but still struggling with using it — need more time with it.

    I’ve used V14 enough to also say that I think it is EVEN MORE STABLE than V13 (which already thought was very stable). — that’s purely anecdotal and your mileage may vary.

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