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Forums Broadcasting “Graphics Director” at a local TV station, is my position real or made up?

  • “Graphics Director” at a local TV station, is my position real or made up?

  • Charles Ferran

    July 15, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    Hello Broadcasting land, I’ve recently been searching all over for a forum where ‘tv professionals’ gathered to talk about their respective careers and I didn’t think to check the Cow until now.

    This is my first television gig, we’re the “number 1 station in all of Alaska” apparently and I want to know if any of you guys think my job sounds familiar. The reason I’m asking this is because very soon we’re moving to a new facility with a whole new setup and I want to know what to expect.

    I was hired a year ago with a 3 year contract as this stations “Graphics Director” I was told my daily duties would include designing and policing the stations look, and working on bigger projects, promo’s, fullscreens that get used more than once. Stuff like that.

    In reality I feel like I do two jobs. Since I’ve done some research it looks like I’m more the Art Director, AND Graphic Artist at the same time, and this station made up the title “Graphics Director”

    Let me explain a day for me: I come in and I start working on daily graphics for the news product, fullscreens, maps, phoners, etc etc. THEN in the time I’m not swamped with all THAT work, I’m expected to also work on the big stuff, make stuff for the web, work on the branding, etc etc.

    After a year of this I feel like I’m being worn ragged, is this normal? or am I literally doing the job of two people.

    Now as for our big transition, we’re moving to an all Chyron system, up until now I have been doing all my work in After Effects and Google Earth so I literally have to do EVERYTHING. Now they’re talking about how the producers will have the ability to make their own fullscreens, maps, etc.

    I have two questions pertaining to this: 1, will that actually happen, I mean is it ‘normal’ in other news station environments for the producers to build graphic elements for their shows? and 2, is my life about to get easier or harder? I’ve never worked with Chyron/Lyric before, but I’m getting the pro training later this month and my hope is my daily workload will be cut down a bit.

    Any veteran Broadcaster’s out there want to help a young “Graphics Director” out?

    Thanks CC!!!

    Charles Ferran

    “Far better is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure than to rank with the poor spirits who neither enjoy much, nor suffer much because they live in a gray twilight that knows no victory or defeat.”

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