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  • Gamm Shift Fcpx ?!?!

  • Viktor Rjabkov

    March 7, 2021 at 1:12 pm

    So first my problem:

    I created a project in fcpx imported 10bit 422 4k Clips into my timeline (Prores 422 HQ)

    I did all edeting in Fcpx then exported to Prores 422HQ.

    Imported the Clips to Davinci Resolve, made my colorgrading and exported also in Prores 422HQ.

    Resolve and Quicktime export look exactly the same.!! Because i already fixed the gammshift in Davinci.

    My iMac 27 5k is calibrated and i checked use Mac Display Color Profile for Viewer.

    So I dont habe any problems with davinci!

    Now i am importing the davinci files to fcpx and the viewer and quicktime dont look the same!!! why is there a gamma shift when just importing to fcpx viewer ? also when exporting from fcpx my files are wrong them before in quicktime…

  • Oliver Peters

    March 7, 2021 at 7:53 pm

    I just posted this, which might help:

    Trusting Apple Displays? « digitalfilms (

    The export from FCP adds a 1-1-1 color profile to the metadata, whereas the Resolve export adds a 1-2-1 profile. QT Player uses this to control the display to your Mac desktop. The Resolve export will look darker than the FCP export in QuickTime. Also the Resolve viewer image is not correct and shouldn’t be used to judge your correction. I would contend that the FCP export matches a Rec 709 display in appearance and the export Resolve doesn’t. Nevertheless, both exports are actually the same. If you open the files in a different player, like Switch or VLC, you won’t see the sort of differences that you see in QT Player.

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