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  • FCPX colour correction

  • Vasja Mihelcic

    January 20, 2021 at 9:35 am

    Dear Gurus,

    I was color correcting some video material when the video correction tools in FCPX stoped showing colour values waveform vectors(RGB parade, RGB overlay…). They are there but seen only in grey values. They are light grey or in RGB parade some light so it is hard to see them on display. I tried to get back the red, green, blue but no clue. Video is seen normal on both display monitors in colours and looks fine.

    I made colour adjustment on my monitors with i1 display pro before starting with the correction. Working in rec709. The monitor I use is LG 31mu97 with thunderbolt. Surprisingly it works… monitor. But I get no display of vectors – waveform in colour values…just grey. Is there some connection issues or just some dumm thing…I have a screen shot also if anybody is interested.


    Mac pro 2013 (2,7mhz, 64 GB, D700),OSX catalina 10.15.7, Display: LG 31mu97, Dell 2718Q.

  • Oliver Peters

    January 20, 2021 at 10:20 pm

    What happens when you exit out of FCP and relaunch? Or reboot the system? I suspect the D700 GPUs. Might need to let them cool down.

  • Vasja Mihelcic

    January 21, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    I made the reset of the system (NVram, smc.) The same…It all started when I used LG colour calibration application to calibrate the LG monitor. I didn’t like the results I got. Before I made calibration with the LG tool and the results were, must say very good. I now decided to use on both displays that I own X-rite i1 Display pro calibration. Now both Displays show more or less identical picture (measured values 100% sRGB/Rec709). But the FCPX colour correction tool does not show red, green, blue vectors. I see just like a light source values of some light- grey, very vague. I can manipulate the values and the video looks good but I’m not sure. I’m now watching the video for the values I want to achieve but it is hard for the eyes. I thought that I clicked something or I don’t know. I also switched to FCPX default setting but the same. Could be cable, Grafik card, Monitors LG engine, connectors or I just clicked something wrong but can’t find what. The picture looks ok…But will it also come out like that…Ill export 10 seconds.

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