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  • Ensureing Premiere CS3 broadcasts color safe media

  • Keith Slawinski

    March 23, 2010 at 2:13 am

    How do I ensure that the media I am exporting will all be safe for broadcast color, without applying filters redundantly (conforming to DV/601 color range 16-235)?

    Most sources say to simply apply the “broadcast colors” effect, but I have some issues with that solution.

    1.) On the waveform monitor, corrected video is limited from 0-100 IRE. However, if i sample the images color, some colors still read up to 255 (broadcast safe colors should only reach 235).

    2.) when importing digital media created only in after effects, the colors should not be broadcasts safe, yet they too range from 0-100 on the waveform monitor (any letterbox generated in premiere does show below 0 IRE). The broadcast colors effect provides no changes to the image at all.

    So how do I know what to look for to ensure I will export to broadcast safe (note, I will not have access to magic bullet, or any 3rd party software/hardware)? Also, what is the Broadcast colors range I need to limit to on the waveform and vector-scope?

    Lastly: the setup(7.5IRE) check box on the waveform monitor. Does it do anything? (I understand that 7.5 is the broadcast black, but why is the check box there?)

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