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  • Dreamcolor LP2480zx on OS X 10.6.3

     Keith Pratt updated 8 years, 4 months ago 3 Members · 6 Posts
  • Justin Heitman

    January 7, 2011 at 2:56 am

    Hi All,

    I am trying to calibrate my new Dreamcolor LP2480zx. I can do this if it is connected directly in to the DVI out of the Mac, but, I want to have it connected via my Decklink HD Extreme card – SDI out to HDLink Pro which converts to DVI out to Dreamcolor. Therefor I can run the monitor in REC709 and still use my 2 x 24″ mac screens for “Color”.
    I dont believe that calibrating it through the onboard video card makes sense as it wont be going through there. Am I wrong in assuming that I should be able to calibrate it through the decklink?
    When I start up the Dreamcolor APS all I get is my 2 x Mac screens that are direct in mac video card. In system profiler the EyeOne probe is visible.

    Can anyone help me on this? The support Im getting from HP is next to none.

    Thanks in advance

    Justin Heitman
    Blue Turtle Video
    Airlie Beach QLD

  • Warwick Field ACS

    May 13, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    Did you ever sort this out Justin? HP is hopeless. I have a very similar set up to you..and it seems my APS probe may be faulty as the calibration results are very dark but HP doesn’t even know they make a probe!!
    And now the probe is discontinued.
    When you run the APS software you should get a prompt to choose the monitor to calibrate.
    Melb Australia

  • Justin Heitman

    May 13, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    Ill go over a few things incase I tap on something you havent asked that may help oh and HP ‘ARE’ hopeless!! The tech support here was pathetic. They had no idea on their own product. There is a kernel update that was needed to recognise the probe, you may not have that issue though? I think this is the correct link

    It took a heap of emails to get this resposnse : “Unfortunately we cannot calibrate the display unless we have both DDC/CI and USB connections to the display. That requires that the display be connected to the graphic card on the system running the calibration as DDC/CI communication runs through the DVI-D connection. The display absolutely supports a HD-SDI connection via an adapter such as the HDLink Pro, but only for image display, not for calibration communication as DDC/CI is not supported via HD-SDI.
    That said, since the display has an internal color management engine and LUT/matrix memory space, even if you calibrate the display on a computer the calibration should be valid for all digital connections including connections to computers other than the one running the calibration software or a non-computer video connection”

    Once I did the kernel update the puck / probe was recognised. The Dreamcolour has to be calibrated via the DVI out of the Mac. It does not get recognised if plugged in via any other source ie: HDLink or alike. So, that being said, I got the calibration to work but it was continually green. They had no answer for this either, with, after many emails, the conclusion being that the probe was faulty… it wasnt. What I found was that no matter what I did, everything had a green hue. To get through at the time I calibrated by eye using a 1D Lut in the HDLink or the Decklink card. What I found after ages of no answers or proper support, was that my old mac was the issues. Still not sure why, but when I plugged the monitor in to a newer mac, the Dreamcolor looked great without calibation! WT?! I still have no idea why.

    Anyway, so, now I calibrate the Dreamcolor with a direct feed from the DVI out of my Mac. The probe sees it and does its thing … eventually. It usually takes a few goes to get a calibration that Im happy with, which is rare. At factory default mine looks pretty good but not perfect. Once calibrated, I feed my Dreamolor DVI out from a HDLinkPro which is fed HDSDI from my Decklink.

    I have used that HP Profiling software on my 24″ Mac screens and they never come up the same. Not even close, and I mean to each other not to the Dreamcolor. Different colour space I know.

    Not sure if any of that helped?

  • Warwick Field ACS

    May 14, 2012 at 4:44 am

    Thanks Justin

    My set up sounds very similar to yours, Dreamcolor, Decklink Pro, HD Link Pro. I had thought my APS calibrator was faulty but now I think its actually the way the decklnk outputs video to the Dreamcolor. My problem is my blacks have no detail. Detail I can see on all my computer monitors and TV screens. I have the gamma set to 2.5 which is prescribed but if I look at colour bars where there should be gray bars in the pluge there is just a big fat black panel on the Dreamcolor. That’s not useful for my colour grading on Da Vinci Resolve.

    I have been using the calibration tools properly from my Mac as you described the whole time but I’m still not confident with the picture contrast.

    HP Support is totally useless. They don’t even know they have such a product. It took me three transfers and an hour before they found the APS device. I think they normally just deal with mum and dad’s Pavillion desktop PC and printer. Not a good company for professionals at all.

    Warwick Field

  • Justin Heitman

    May 15, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    2.5 on gamma? Im running 2.2 for Television deliverables.

    Your video monitor will show different detail as its not rec 709.

    As for the blacks being crushed? Im not sure why that is. Make sure you have set the LUTS in both Deckling cards to default. My contrast was actually a little to low so I tweaked it on the 1D Lut in the HDLinkPro.

    Again, yes, HP support is crap. I went through 4 monitors with them as they had no idea what to do. They even sent me a monitor ‘calibrated’ from the states, when it arrived it had a dead pixel in the centre! Unbelievable!

  • Keith Pratt

    May 18, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    Sorry to butt in but can you tell me where to find this updated kernel? I’ve never been able to get past the USB not connected message in 10.6, so have been booting 10.5 any time I wanted to calibrate, and I’m getting pretty bored with that.

    Also, HP recommend a gamma of 2.4 for Rec.709, as they found it the closest match to Sony BVM CRTs. The EBU recommend 2.35. Others will tell you 2.5.

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