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  • Joshua Thiessen

    April 1, 2015 at 12:53 am

    My name is Joshua and I am currently 18 and studying Communications Design in Melbourne, Australia. My girlfriend, Tessa, and I are very interested in the world and the various different ways of life for both personal spiritual development and a kind of psychoanalysis of the people, needs, and wants of the various lifestyles. We are both very passionate in spiritual development which leads to all sorts, and mostly quite odd, research that we feel could broaden peoples minds if we shared it in such a way.
    My girlfriend and I are very forward thinking, modern youths/students but still maintain traditional viewpoints and absorb other’s beliefs and information to apply, and help our analysis of everyday life. Often leading to quirky and different viewpoints and orientations to situations and problems. We both have already travelled a bit of Europe together and found it very beneficial. For teenagers in our generation I believe we are very open minded and take everyone’s opinions seriously, something which I have experienced school systems to erase.
    We want to endeavour on a spiritual, historical, and mental journey throughout the world and time and both believe this would be a great subject to document and again, share with the world. Some lifestyles that we are extremely interesting and want to experience include living with the Amish, Muslim, Buddhist Monks, Christian Monks, Rastafari as well as experimenting with Pagan Rituals, and exploring the ancient religions. I believe, again, our journey would be great to document and our neutral perspectives from open minded modern youths would bring a different, real, and quirky opinionated discussions would contribute to this documentary or series unlike any other.
    Please contact me if you have any connections or contacts who may be interested, or to point me into the right direction to make this journey a documented reality fit to be shared with the world. I currently have little experience in production so I am looking for a team willing to help and follow us throughout this course.

    Thank you

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