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  • Customizing titles with Motion sequence text

  • Larry Moss

    January 12, 2021 at 10:26 pm


    I’m reasonably experienced with FCP, but far less so with Motion. I’ve done some minimal Motion work in the past and trying to learn more now.

    I’m doing a read along video where text from a storybook appears on screen along with a narrator’s voice. What I’m trying to do is have a block of text appear as gray. As phrases are read, I want those phrases (not individual words) to appear solid. For example, if the book starts with:

    Once upon a time, three young pigs lived with their mother in a small house.

    I want the whole block of text to appear at once in gray. “Once upon a time” will be darker as it’s spoken. Then “three young pigs”, followed by “lived with their mother”, etc. Once a phrase is solid, it should stay solid on screen to show what has already been read.

    I’m trying to work with Sequence Text in Motion. I’m running into two problems. I can make the words darken, one word at a time, but not by phrase. And I’m having trouble understanding how to use custom speed to make them appear in sync with the spoken words. I thought I understood the concept of the custom speed setting, but it’s not working. I figured if I got the second part working, the first wouldn’t matter since I should be able to change the speed and just make words appear when I want, even if that’s several at a time (or right after one another). I can’t find a good example anywhere of how to use custom speed with sequence text.

    I’m starting with a text block in my title. I set a keyframe in the timeline when the title appears and adjust the speed for the first few words. When I want more words to appear, I set another keyframe and adjust the speed again, but despite the existence of earlier keyframes, adjusting the speed later in the sequence causes the first words to appear earlier than they did before I added later keyframes. I know that’s an awkward explanation. I’m not sure how to do better.

    I’d be very appreciative of anyone that can point me to an example. Or if there’s something other than sequence text that I should be using, I’d love to know what that is.

    Thank you so much!

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