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  • Convert PanasonicP2 HD MXF files to Prores

  • Dante Majorana

    February 17, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    Hi all
    I have a few movie-clips shoot with a Panasonic p2 HD. The recording goes to a video card within the camera to be transfered later to a drive for editing.
    Each movie-clips after transfer from the CAMERA to my MAC HARD drive go to a folder (CONTENT) where each clips is split in various parts
    As an example I use one movie-clip only 0001GW.MXF, however each clip splits to the AUDIO, VIDEO, CLIP, ICON etc folders all inside the CONTENT folder.
    AUDIO (with audio files as 0001GW00.MXF)
    CLIP (with 0001GW.XML)
    ICON (0001GW.BMP)
    PROXY (empty)
    VIDEO (Video file as 0001GW.MXF)
    VOICE (empty)

    In Premiere I can Import each file selecting just the VIDEO file. all the 4 audio files will also go to the timeline
    The sound is audible and the editing is fine

    However as the files are several I’d like to convert them all using the PRORES HQ codec
    Compressor and other utilities import and convert the video but without audio
    How can I solve this?
    Is there an application which would find the audio files and merge them with the video files to get (example) 0001GW.MOV including both the video and the audio?

    Any hints to get each clip in PRORESHQ as MOV with audio and video?


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