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  • Avid on MacPro under WinXP

    Posted by Neil Sadwelkar on March 11, 2007 at 7:00 pm

    I had posted this as a question earlier see this thread…

    This evening I took a brand new MacPro 2.66 w 2.5 Gb RAM 250+500 Gb HDDs.
    Partitioned the drives (both)
    Loaded WinXP and drivers
    Loaded Avid MC 2.6.4 on the Windows side.
    I’ll call this MacIntelWin

    First problem. MacPro has no serial ports. And Keyspan doesn’t seem to have Win Drivers. I plugged it in any case. But it didn’t work.

    So I bought a Prolific US_serial adapter and hooken up a RS232 to RS422 cable.
    Some boots later…

    Ran Avid. It ran fine.
    Connected deck (J-30) set serial port to COM3 (only choice availble)
    And deck control worked.

    Logged and captured 22 mins. At DV 420. Worked.
    Played back and edited these clips. That worked too. Played around for an hour or so. It deems to work just fine.

    Of course, this is a totally unsupported combination, but from my very thin testing it looks an encouraging prospect. Especially if you have an Intel mac and are dying to start off ith an Avid MC.

    At Avid’s web site I came across something about codecs not being compatible. Haven’t checked out that.

    What I did was to network to this Mac from another MC 264 Mac (Quad G5) and copy some omf and aif media files from Mac MC 2.6.4 to MacIntelWin MC 2.6.4

    MacIntelWin MC doesn’t seem to recognize this media captured on a Mac MC.
    So one will probably have to wait for MC UB version to do any kind of sharing between the teo.

    Interestingly, omf and aif media files captured on a MCMac to a MCWin system get locked under WinXP. Can’t delete, move, or rename them. So maybe that’s major.

    FCP Editor, Mumbai, India.
    Completely PAL.

    Neil Sadwelkar replied 17 years, 3 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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