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  • Archiving Strategy for Distribution Masters: Format & Metadata (Standards)

    Posted by Wilfred Lovell on January 16, 2023 at 2:14 pm

    Hi together,

    I manage a large catalog of authorized distribution masters. The catalog is constantly growing. The files passed QC and depending on the order and concluded contracts those master files will be delivered to different destinations: VoD, as well as Broadcast, with varying specs.

    Currently, I am not very satisfied with the current situation of the inventory. Due to various formats and insufficient metadata.

    Therefore, I would like to revise the archiving strategy. And face two big questions:


    1.) Regarding the primary video FORMAT (“in-house standard”)

    In my opinion, Apple ProRes 422 HQ MOV is a good choice as a standard format for HD SDR content.

    Since this is accepted by all common VoD platforms and a conversion to e.g. XDCAM HD 422 for Broadcast is easily possible.

    What would be other advantages of also disadvantages for this choice?

    But what about HDR Content? In my opinion, the situation is not as clear as for HD SDR. What would be a good choice as an in-house standard?


    2.) METADATA

    A consistent metadata strategy is overdue …

    To be honest, my experience about metadata (management) is limited.

    At the moment, I mainly work with MediaInfo to read out technical metadata.

    Descriptive metadata is missing in general. This has a negative effect on the retrieval of the content.

    Does anyone have experience or helpful information?

    Are there metadata standards that you think can be used? And yes, which ones are suitable?

    I’ve done a little research on Dublin Core, PBCore and EBUCore and MPEG-7 and at the moment, I have the feeling that existing standards are either too limited (e.g. Dublin Core) or too specific/inappropriate (e.g. MPEG-7) to be useful.


    I’m very grateful for any suggestions, experiences or help.




    Wilfred Lovell replied 1 year, 5 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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