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  • Paste into specific track without deselecting all other tracks

  • Xavier Bonet

    June 12, 2021 at 6:34 pm

    I’m editing more than 20 quick recipe cooking videos for IG for a client, so there’s a lot of putting “pinch of salt” and “1/2 bell pepper” and “4 tomatoes” in a corner. Normally I would animate text graphics in AE but I’m really trying to pop off these videos as fast as possible, and have the shortest render time (I already have to deal with ramped video and stabilization). So something that normally bothers me a bit and I think should have an easier, fast solution, suddenly becomes very bothersome. Yes, I could leave a track open to the very end, deselect all other tracks, and then copy and paste each title. But I’m wondering if there’s any other way. Of course, I could ALT-Click the clip and drag it to duplicate it but that allows less control, especially if you need to take the new clip to the opposite side of the sequence. It’s a shame that right-clicking just gives you the Ripple Delete option… Honestly, a “Paste Clip Here” option would be aces! I mean, there isn’t even a “Duplicate Clip” option that copies and pastes the clip right after the original clip. 😒

    P.S. I know that if I want to paste into track 5 I only need to deselect tracks 1-4 as Pr pastes into the first selected track but it was too long to detail in the title.

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