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Forums Avid Media Composer AMA linked clip displays second frame of video as first frame, no way to to view first frame.

  • AMA linked clip displays second frame of video as first frame, no way to to view first frame.

  • Jimmy See

    July 25, 2018 at 1:28 am

    This has me greatly confused, I assume it has something to do with a difference in what Adobe and Avid consider to be a first frame.

    I had some h264 mp4 files that needed BITC. I ran Adobe Media Encoder and queued up the files and in order to get BITC on the resulting output, checked the Set Start Timecode option and set it to 00:00:00:00 and then in the effects tab checked Timecode Overlay and set the Time Source for the overlay to Media File. Media Encoder performed the compression and the output files had BITC.

    Where it gets weird and involves Avid is that, I know that Media Encoder did what I asked correctly, and that the first frame of Video was indeed 00:00:00:00, because I can see in DaVinci Resolve, in Media Encoder itself, and in VLC that the BITC on the first frame of video reads 00:00:00:00, however in Avid, the BITC reads 00:00:00:01 and yet the embedded timecode viewable in the source monitor reads 00:00:00:00. This is so weird and has me sorta worried because I don’t know what software the people the BITC’d files are intended for will be using and I don’t want everything to be a frame out, although admittedly since they’re for viewing purposes a frame won’t make a great deal of difference. I am so confused how it’s able to do this, and WHY it would do this. What gives? It’s not only bizarre that it’s only showing me the 2nd frame of video but it almost seems to be pretending it isn’t because it’s actually telling me in the source monitor that the first frame is 00:00:00:00 (which it should be), even though I know that it’s the 2nd frame it’s actually displaying.

  • Michael Phillips

    July 25, 2018 at 5:39 pm

    I have found that myself. Try Avid Generic AMA versus QuickTime and vice versa to see which one does not have that issue.


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