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  • AE to Sony Vegas to YouTube compression?

  • Emil Niemi

    April 26, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    I’m going to create a little movie with some pixel characters and so on.
    (Like this one )

    Going to make the movie in Sony Vegas, but will also have some part of the movie from After Effects.
    Will put up this on youtube, and the size i’m going to do is 480×270 with about 30 FPS (30 FPS or 29,974 what’s different?).

    Now i wonder what’s the best way to do this to get the best quality to youtube?

    For a hour ago i tried to render out a part from After Effects, with H.264 and mp4 as format, for uploading to youtube and see how the quality would be.
    And the quality went terrible, first a gray issue in start of the movie, and then it was really blurry.
    Heard from the other forum category i should be using another software for render out this.

    Haven’t tried to render out from Sony Vegas yet with this format etc, but last i render out it got that gray issue too ._. i don’t know why, but it gets like that sometimes for me.
    Quality have been good before when doing 720p size, but now i just need and want it for 480×270, with a great quality for youtube.

    How am i doing this?

    My idea so long is that i render the parts from AE with QuickTime, on ‘Animation’ as settings and maxed (100) on quality?

    Then i import these to Sony Vegas there i’ve a project on 480×270 too.
    I’m making the rest of the movie there and put in the clips together how i want them.

    Then now, i have no idea what i should do with settings, to get a good quality movie for youtube.
    Only i know is that .mp4 works well, however if having 720p or so, they do.
    But then with what settings.

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