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  • Adding a variable to keyframes

  • Ahmed Raad

    April 17, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    Hi everyone, my question is so easy for most of you.

    I want to add a variable (Slider) to (offset) range slider that has two keyframes the first one (let’s call it (A)) is <0 and the second one (B) is >0, so if I set 5 to the variable slider (A) will be (-5) and (B) will be (5). So the value will increment by time (-5,-4,..0..4,5).

    I don’t want to use (ease or linear) because it does not looks smooth enough to me, so I want keep using keyframe to play with (graph editor).

    I know I can do it without expression, but I have to do this many time in my project and I want learn how to do it.


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