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  • A lot of diferent question ..

  • Bruno Silva

    December 8, 2009 at 11:55 pm

    Hello to all .

    So I started working in the area and I´m facing a lot of question . I´m a freelancer , so money is a importante factor in the next questions.

    My machine

    Phenom X4 965 – 4 * 3,40 Ghz

    8 Gb Ram – 1600 mhz

    Nvidia Quadro Fx 3800 ( 1 Gb Gpu, and a lot of other features)

    Windows 7

    Software ( Adobe , Sorezon Squeeze )

    My work is focus in Tv comercials.

    1- (HDTv , Broadcast Monitor, way to view the work looking for troubles)

    I use adobe workflow in my projects (Premier, After effects, etc) , first of all , I need a screen to test for flickers and color correction problems. Can I buy any Hd Tv and in premier, output to him and see the problems or do I need anything else like this and a broadcast monitor ? And If I only need a Hd tv, can you suggest some models that I can have in my desk?

    2- (Best codecs to use in my workflow, or plug in that I may get that improve image quality of the renders)

    At this moment we use a DV Cam that record Pal , and then they give me the footage uncompressed, or they use canopus codec , before thet give it to me. Then I normaly work on that footage and then export it to mpg2 using a preset that is the Dv Pal high quality in Premier with some changes, but I see that the picture loose a lot of quality in that process. How can I improve, and what is the best codec I can use. To export to Pal tv .

    Note: I have que adobe media encoder and Sorenson Squeeze

    3- (Dvd footage , using it on Premier )

    Sometimes I receve DVD that I need to take the footage and use it, but the problem is that it comes in Vob files and Premier doesnt read that files, so I need to convert them, what is the best way of doing it, and the best sofware to do it or the best way to work around this problem ??

    4 – (Footage in diverse formats)

    That question is a problem that I´m facing , I receved some Dvd of a company and some are 720p (16:9 ; 1024*720, )) and others regular Pal (4:3, 756*576), and of course they have diferent aspect ratio 1,44 and other 1,09. My final output need to be pal, what is the best way , program, solution , I can use to solve this problem?

    5- (Improving Workflow)

    I´m always looking for ways of improving my productivity and image quality of my works, so if you can suggest any software , plug in , codecs, Hardware, I can use that will improve I will be thankfull.

    …….Doing my best…..

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