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  • 5D Mark IV intervalometer

  • Carlo Ferraro

    May 12, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    I normally shoot time lapses on a 70D getting a 4K video as final product, with a simple intervalometer for falls and qDSLR Dashboard (holy grail) for light changing landscapes. I want to step up and get 6K with the 5D4 so I decided to check out the internal intervalometer. For my surprise I can not use live view and I can not use manual exposure-speed-iso, the only way to use it is in A+, an amateur setting in a pro camera, sucks……. so back to square one and use qDSLR Dashboard, as a simple intervalometer or on holy grail.
    Note: by the way, the 70D has already over 150K actuations and going well so far, expecting a fail in any minute.

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