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  • 50 fps PAL footage to FCP7 timeline always needs render?

  • raju bhai

    February 24, 2019 at 11:30 pm

    Hi I have HD flipcam footage that was shot in india. It is 50 fps, 1280×720, AVC coding, AAC, 44.1khz

    When I drop this clip into a fresh timeline in FCP7 and agree to dialog box that asks to change sequence setting to accommodate footage, the red render bar appears nevertheless. I thought I wouldn’t have to render!

    I also tried transcoding this clip to prores 422, and it still requires rendering when I drop it into a brand new timeline.

    Anybody know how to avoid the rendering, ie what setting should I choose when transcoding. Is pal 50fps progressive or interlaced? And if interlaced would it be top field first or bottom first? I dont know if these settings make a difference.
    Please let me know, thank u!

  • Shane Ross

    February 25, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    OK, first off, FCP 7 only works with specific codecs, those found in the Easy Setup list. So even if you make a sequence that matches your source codec, FCP will not work with it without rendering (thus making that clip into an FCP codec…the render at least), although any changes and it comes unrendered.

    Transcoding to ProRes SHOULD work. ProRes 422, 1280×720, 50p should work. FCP should make sequence settings for that that work. 720p at 50fps is progressive. But a Flipcam…wondering if that shoots interlaced. That’s an older camera, so I’m not sure what it shoots exactly, but it SHOULD be progressive.

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