Paul Santana of Durable Goods on set

Durable Goods Signs Renowned Director Paul Santana

Bicoastal production company Durable Goods has signed esteemed director Paul Santana to its commercial roster. Hailed for his innovation and passion for storytelling, Santana brings a wealth of experience and perspectives from his globe-trotting adventures in filmmaking, shooting in numerous countries while infusing diverse cultures into the narratives he crafts. His commercial portfolio includes Nike, Coors, Budweiser, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Jeep, Toyota, Chevrolet, and Home Depot, among countless other major brands. 

Santana’s directorial debut for the American Cancer Society — a film entitled Odds — was recognized at SHOOT’s New Directors Showcase and the AICP Show. The campaign was also praised by NPR as one of the most effective smoking-deterrent ads ever made and is currently housed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 

“We are so fortunate to have Paul on our roster, as he brings depth and calculated foresight to every project,” remarks Durable Goods EP/Managing Director Hani Selim. “His films are cinematic while capturing the importance of the message. Being a director, cinematographer and editor, he is able to effectively communicate every frame and bring a campaign to life.”

“I’ve done this long enough to know which production partners are a match, and after speaking with a good number of companies to represent me in the States, Durable Goods stood out,” remarks Santana. “Hani and [EP/Head of Sales] Roxanne Artesona both share my passion for what it takes to do that, and I knew right away that we could make beautiful music together.” 

Brands and agencies gravitate towards Santana for his eye and his ability to elevate concepts. When asked about his process, Santana says, “I bring a passion for every aspect of the production process. I’m always asking myself, ‘How does this get better? What will make this special?’ That never stops until we wrap and usually past that.” 

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Known for his meticulous eye, Santana is an accomplished DP and editor in his own right, skills he humorously attributes to being a “raging control freak.” He draws inspiration from such luminaries as director David Fincher and cinematographers Darius Khondji and Owen Roizman, all of whom were early work influences.

Among his notable works, Santana cites pieces on human trafficking and climate change as well as the transformation of a controversial Durex campaign into the acclaimed “King Condoms” spot — both pivotal projects with an important social message. 

Santana’s vision for the future involves delving deeper into pure storytelling, creating longer narratives, and taking his craft beyond commercial projects. “I see my role as a collaborator,” he concludes. “When someone hires me, they put faith in me. We have this shared baby that we must raise for a week or two, and in the end, doing it right is what’s most important.”

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