Nicolas Karakatsanis Cruella Cinematography on the Go Creative Show

Cruella Cinematography with Nicolas Karakatsanis: The Go Creative Show

Disney’s film CRUELLA combines handheld, high energy cinematography with elegant traditional camera movement. Cinematographer Nicolas Karakatsanis explains his masterful cinematic approach.

Nicolas and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss working with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson, shooting both on film and digitally, having to pre-light sets before they were built, camera and lens package, and more!

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What you will learn:

  • Lessons learned shooting I, TONYA (01:02)
  • High energy cinematography of CRUELLA (03:54)
  • Pre-lighting before sets are built (15:04)
  • Having to build the Baroness workshop set twice (20:30)
  • Cruella concert scene breakdown (24:29)
  • Cinematography differences between Cruella and Baroness (31:42)
  • Shooting on film vs digital (36:16)
  • Why Nicolas hates lens filtration (52:28)
  • Not being reliant on VFX (57:43)
  • Not being inspired by the 101 Dalmations animation (01:01:09)
  • Collaborating with costume design dept (01:02:29)
  • Working with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson (01:04:52)
  • And more!


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