Brazil's Record TV Upgrades Audio Post Studios with Avid Solutions

Brazil’s Record TV Upgrades Studios with Avid Audio Solutions to Power Top TV Broadcasts

Brazilian TV Broadcaster Modernizes with Pro Tools | Carbon, Pro Tools | HDX and Pro Tools | MTRX Studio

Avid® (NASDAQ: AVID) today announced that Record TV, one of Brazil’s leading TV broadcasters, has refitted its audio post-production studios with the Pro Tools | HDX™ and MTRX Studio™ interfaces to edit and mix its most demanding productions. Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Record TV also upgraded eight production studios with Pro Tools | Carbon® to ensure they capture performances with the highest sound quality. 

“Avid’s innovation and support gives Record TV’s post-production teams outstanding assurance of performance across our many different studios and top audio quality for our programming, no matter how challenging the project may be,” said Rafael Ramos, Post-Production Coordinator at Record TV. “The collaborative effort from Record TV’s teams, especially Antonio Carlos Nobrega Sobrinho, Technical Implementation and Project Manager, has been instrumental in the success of this project.” 

The completely upgraded Avid-powered facilities ensure that Record TV can deliver faster and at an even higher standard for its wide slate of popular shows. Upgrading these studios with Pro Tools | Carbon, HDX and MTRX Studio will provide Record TV the most flexible, integrated audio systems to address all of its audio post workflows across its facilities. From dialogue editing suites to large sound stages mixing surround, Pro Tools® systems allow for sophisticated routing and monitoring capabilities that connect and support the efficiency and speed requirements of audio post.  

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Record TV post-production teams use the Carbon audio interface to record every detail of programming sound with the utmost clarity and precision. To mix and monitor bigger, more demanding productions, Record TV will use Pro Tools | HDX to work with the power of Pro Tools Ultimate™ software with DSP acceleration, and hardware I/O and Pro Tools | MTRX Studio for low-latency monitoring and flexible, extensive routing capabilities. 

The new line up also puts 14 Avid S1™ consoles and three Pro Tools | Dock™ surfaces into the hands of production staff for mixing in-studio with integrated Android tablets. 

David Toomey, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Audio & Music Solutions, Avid, said, “It has been a privilege to be a trusted partner of Record TV for over a decade. The combination of Avid’s audio hardware solutions and services allows Record TV to deliver an unmatched entertainment experience for viewers in Brazil and throughout Latin America.”  

Learn more about Avid’s audio hardware solutions this week at AES New York 2023 booth 503 (Oct. 25-27), or visit Avid Audio Hardware solutions.

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