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Boris FX Brings AI-Driven Creative Plugins to Post Production

It seems as if artificial intelligence is sweeping through our lives like a hurricane. It is now everywhere in post production, and it gets more powerful by the day.

No area is more affected than the visual arts. Now, Boris FX has jumped into the post plugin market with AI-driven effects for editing and audio. These plugins work with Adobe Premiere, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Avid and Open FX, an open source standard for 2D visual effects or compositing plug-ins.

Continuum and its sister audio product, CrumplePop, bring a new level of AI tools to compatible editing systems. The package includes over 300-plus effects, 40 transitions and 5,000-plus presets.

“The AI-powered plugins included in Continuum and CrumplePop mark the beginning of the evolution of the Boris FX Suite product family moving forward,” said Boris Yamnitsky, president and founder of Boris FX.

“We’ve been working behind the scenes to develop ML (machine learning) models built and trained on the specific needs of the post-production community. We have introduced AI technology into the editing and VFX plugin workflows the film and television industry has relied on for nearly thirty years.” Continuum’s AI tools are wide and deep. For image restoration, two new machine learning effects were introduced. Noise is dealt with using BCC+ DeNoise machine learning effect. It instantly removes unwanted noise and artifacts from low-quality image sensors, poor light or lossy compression codecs. A one-click drag-and-drop effect analyzes the image and produces high-quality results while retaining and enhancing detail contrast.

An UpRes feature is available for Adobe After Effects. Called the BCC+ UpRes machine learning effect, it scales up footage of any format size. Options are included to zoom in on a portion of a clip and sharpen it to preserve the fine details.

Stability AI can now generate intricate particle sprites. Choosing an existing sprite as a starting point allows editors to achieve desired results without intricate, time-consuming work. Users can import images directly into the sprite library.

The images on LED screens and billboards can be created by the Super LED Effect. Transforming shots, text and particles onto a large screen results in patterns of dazzling pixels.

Much-needed effects like BCC+ Lens Flare, BCC+ Super LED and BCC+ Light effects can be placed in any scene. Click the button at the top of any desired BCC+ effect to access a point or corner pin tracker using Mocha, which performs masking tasks and tracks position data.

In addition, there are more than 150 professionally designed and curated presets in Continum. These new presets include Audio Visualizer, Lens Flare, Eye Light, Film Glow and Transition effect categories.

Use several filters to degrade footage for a retro or classic damaged film/video look or to change the feel of a shot using light leaks, hyper-realistic blurs or powerful glows. Blurry shots can be brought back to life, skin can be retouched and banding can be eliminated.

“When designing our new AI plugins, we always offer the time-saving benefit of not having to export an effect out and then import it back into an NLE,” said Yamnitsky.

Music comes to life with BCC+ Audio Visualizer. The effect intelligently matches the sound in video to a base audio spectrum of lines, dots or circles. Then fine-tune controls for the size, position and rotation of the current display.

Finish composites by coloring, reflecting and warping the visualizer. Beat Reactor is built natively into several Continuum effects allowing specific properties to auto-animate to music.

Instantly transform footage with curated presets featuring film emulation options. Green screens are a thing of the past with a few clicks with Primatte Studio. Then fine tune composites with a number of edge tools.

Dramatic speed gains come inside After Effects with Adobe Multi-Frame Rendering support on over 350 effects; speedier workflows occur with native Apple M1 support; and overall performance boosts with the addition of more fully GPU-accelerated effects (BCC+).

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On the audio side, CrumplePop gives editors access to user-friendly tools that fix common audio problems. Five AI audio plugins are included— AudioDenoise, TrafficRemover, ClipRemover, RustleRemover and WindRemover.

The audio plugins can work “miracles” with tainted sound. Significant quality boosts in challenging, high-noise environments and vocal tone quality works across all types of recordings. “Nothing pulls an audience out of what they are watching quicker than poor audio,”said Yamnitsky.

“The CrumplePop development team has years of experience building and training AI models. Editors, podcasters and content creators no longer have to worry about trying to hide poor audio with other sounds. CrumplePop’s tools convert audio to studio quality in minutes,” he said.

The Boris FX Suite includes Continuum, CrumplePop, Mocha Pro, Optics, Sapphire, Silhouette and SynthEyes. It is available as a multi-host annual ($1295) or monthly ($175) subscription and includes access to premium training series with downloadable project files. Customers on current subscriptions or upgrade & support plans receive a free update to the corresponding product releases.  Clearly there is a lot one can do with an extensive set of tools like the Boris FX Suite. That’s why Continuum Essentials videos are a must-watch masterclass that delivers everything needed to learn how to make full use with the plugins. This is an essential first step to bring the power of these AI-driven plugins to your edit bay.

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