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Avid Delivers New Era of Openness with Scripting Software Development Kit for Pro Tools

Pro Tools Scripting SDK enables developers to increase efficiency and streamline audio workflows by creating apps that automate repetitive tasks

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) today announced a new Pro Tools® Scripting Software Development Kit (SDK) supported by the latest version of Pro Tools that ushers in a new era of openness and flexibility for professional music and audio post production teams.

The new free Pro Tools Scripting SDK enables high-end facilities and developers to create apps that automate repetitive tasks and establish new audio workflows. The Pro Tools Scripting SDK is a language-independent API for Windows and Mac versions of Pro Tools that provides access to a range of commands, including open, close and save sessions, export in various formats, perform multiple functions on the timeline, leverage “get” commands to review clips and use “set” commands to perform writeable actions in open sessions. The Pro Tools Scripting SDK is an external component that serves as an access layer between scripting applications and Pro Tools offering more commands and greater forward compatibility.

“Avid is embarking on a new era of openness, beginning with the SDK, to provide users with more tools to connect all of their solutions into a unified workflow,” said Francois Quereuil, Vice President, Product Management for Audio and Music Solutions, Avid. “The Scripting SDK is just the beginning of the rollout of API calls into Pro Tools, and we’re looking forward to delivering more openness for users to improve, combine and invent with the Pro Tools Scripting SDK.”

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“Avid’s new Scripting SDK is a visionary step forward that will revolutionize how users interact with Pro Tools. SoundFlow added support for the Pro Tools Scripting SDK in the recent SoundFlow 5.2 release, enabling users to automate new areas of Pro Tools that were not possible before,” said Christian Munk Scheuer, Founder and CEO, SoundFlow. “By allowing platforms like SoundFlow to have deep control of Pro Tools, we can in turn enable users to create compelling, personalized user interfaces and automated workflows that eliminate distractions and help them to focus on their creativity.”

For more information on the free Pro Tools Scripting SDK, please visit


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