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ZOO Digital Makes Globalizing Content Easier with New Asset Health Check Service

ZOO’s Asset Health Check provides media companies with flexibility and time and cost savings.

ZOO Digital, the global provider of localization and media services for the entertainment industry, today announced its new Asset Health Check service, offering customers a reliable, consolidated repository of usable localized assets for global distribution packages.

Today, media companies are being tasked with giving legacy content new life on D2C or third-party OTT platforms worldwide, especially since the pandemic has slowed and halted productions. Companies are then faced with the daunting task of uncovering assets, where they live, what’s missing, and where endless files – across dubs, subs, metadata, graphics, thumbnails, synopses, dub cards, cast and crew, all in multiple languages – exist. ZOO’s new asset health check gives teams the flexibility and cost and time savings they need to deliver content on time and on budget.

“No two content libraries look the same, which is why ZOO’s asset health check is built with flexibility in mind,” said Andy Saldana, VP, Media Services at ZOO Digital. “Our team works with companies to understand their requirements and based on their goals, we’ll perform a thorough health check of their systems and data sources to understand their assets and what condition they’re in.” 

ZOO’s dedicated asset research team works securely and systematically through clients’ archives, spreadsheets, and systems to check the health of all their existing assets. Then, they make them available for digital packaging and consolidate them in a chosen asset management system.

Once ZOO’s team understands what assets there are, they’ll also know what’s missing. They can then identify any absent language variants or metadata components, and create, localize, or conform them to the appropriate requirements. As a leading localization vendor, ZOO can create any and all missing localized versions in-house.

Once complete, cleaned, and consolidated, assets are then uploaded back into the internal systems, giving clients a complete, accurate and reliable source of components ready for packaging and distribution. ZOO also can help clients package and deliver assets for global release.

“Our professional and experienced team has a proven track record of delivering large-scale asset health check projects,” said Gordon Doran, President at ZOO Digital. “We’re already helping some of the biggest names in entertainment get their assets into shape for 2021 and beyond. It’s a necessary task that many often overlook but end up paying for in the long run.”


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