Zaxcom's Nova Touch screen display

Zaxcom magnifies Nova workflows with Nova Touch interface

Zaxcom is pleased to announce Nova Touch, a software based user interface (GUI) that expands the functionality of Nova and Nova 2 mixer/recorders.

Nova Touch is designed to enhance and simplify workflows giving quick access to menus, meters, track routing, input configuration, and more all at your fingertips. With a large interface screen, Nova Touch is ideal for sound cart setups where a larger screen is advantageous for data entry, meter viewing, and control. For instance, when inputting metadata, the full onscreen keyboard will appear anytime you tap into an area to enter a scene number, take or notes. Nova Touch also allows you to adjust your input configuration from a single page, and at the same time, adjust filters, compressors and all other parameters of your inputs.  

Nova Touch Input Configure Screen

“Nova Touch is the result of users requesting an optional larger screen for Nova and Nova 2,” says Colleen Goodsir, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Zaxcom has always focused on improving user experience and Nova Touch is another example that makes it easier for those on a production set to work efficiently.”

Nova Touch Metadata Screen

Nova Touch is compatible with tablets or computers running Windows 8.1 or higher. Additionally, the Nova or Nova 2 should be using software version 4.0 or higher. A Mac OS version will be released soon. To unlock Nova Touch, an upgrade code is required for $300. However, if you are using Nova Touch with the Zaxcom Aria, Mix-16, or Oasis control surfaces, no unlock code is necessary. Contact Zaxcom for an upgrade code today. 

Nova Touch Routing Screen

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