Wooden Camera K10024 Elite Accessories System for ALEXA-35 Full Kit Three-Quarters Installed

Wooden Camera Announces Release of Elite Accessory System for ARRI ALEXA 35

Wooden Camera announced the new Elite Accessory System for ARRI ALEXA 35: a series of camera cage components designed to provide a flexible, full-featured and scalable foundation for every camera setup.

“We love the design of the new ALEXA 35, so we focused on building a flexible system allowing camera crews to build out their setup with a wide array of industry-standard accessories,” said Dominick Aiello, Senior Director of Accessories at Creative Solutions. “We put in a lot of effort in maintaining the absolute need to provide compatibility with industry-standard accessories as well as modular components made by ARRI themselves.”

Wooden Camera designed its Elite Accessory System for ARRI ALEXA 35 to integrate with a wide range of industry-preferred accessories, giving users the flexibility to fine-tune their setups and optimize for a variety of production workflows.

Wooden Camera K10024 Elite Accessories System for ALEXA 35 Antenna Guard
Wooden Camera K10024 Elite Accessories System for ALEXA-35 Antenna Guard

“When you get into the complexity of camera setups, you realize that you really need one thing: total flexibility,” adds Aiello. “We designed this accessory system for ALEXA 35 to be as adaptable as possible, including the capability to connect ARRI and other industry standard components that let you get the shot.”

The Wooden Camera Elite Accessory System for ARRI ALEXA 35 includes:

Top Plate: The modular three-piece Top Plate embodies the open-system approach, allowing users to configure their build. Customizable, lightweight, and adaptable, the bolt pattern allows for Rod Brackets and accessories to be mounted anywhere on top of the camera body. The Top Plate assembly comes with a Front Rod Bracket, Universal Rod Bracket, and an Antenna Guard Color Kit.

Side Rails (2): Mounted to the side of the camera body, each Side Rail features a DLC-coated stainless steel rosette, a low-profile forward-facing ⅜”-16 mounting point, sensor-plane mark, swing-out tape hook, and more.

Wooden Camera K10024 Elite Accessories System for ALEXA-35 Ultra Handle System Exploded

Baseplate: Low-profile and compatible with any make of bridge plate, this ARCA Baseplate’s center of gravity is designed to stay as low and wide as possible for maximum stability, even with shoulder pads or other accessories attached. Tailor setups for optimal balance and efficiency using the front and rear rod clamps and avoid surprises with the added security of the riser plate safety system.

CCH-5 Adaptor Kit: A 15mm Rod Bracket and Adaptor Plate that allows users to attach the ARRI CCH-5 handle to the Wooden Camera Top Plate while maintaining a rod bracket for mounting the viewfinder.

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Accessory Plate Kit for ARRI PDM-1: Comprised of a mini Cheese Plate and a Dual Rod Bracket that attaches to the top of the ARRI PDM-1 (Power Distribution Module) to provide additional mounting points.

Ultra Handle System: The Ultra Handle System, featuring lightweight, durable, non-slip Handles with durable Bocote hardwood inserts for comfort and two pass-through holes for accessing the mounting bracket with the Hex Wrench while the handle is attached. Fully modular and scalable to your workflow. Includes 24 color rings (six each in red, blue, green, and yellow) to place between components.

Antenna Relocation Kit: A bracket with cable extensions that mounts to the Ultra Handle, allowing users to raise the two antennas on the back of the camera for better Wi-Fi reception.

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