Wooden Camera's Sony BURANO B-Box and D-Box accessory

Wooden Camera Announces Elite Accessory System for Sony BURANO

Wooden Camera is now taking pre-orders for Elite Accessory Systems for Sony BURANO. There’s a new D-Box® and B-Box for BURANO, as well as a new EVF System that maximizes the functionality of the Sony BURANO in any operating application. The entire offering is complete with an Elite Accessory System that includes everything operators need for a full cinema setup, as well as a Core Accessory System that includes the foundational accessories for operators to build their custom setup.

“We were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to get a head start on designing the accessories for BURANO and based on our work for VENICE 2 we had an idea of what was needed for this system,” said Dominick Aiello, Sr. Director of Accessories. “We focused our attention on opening up the mounting options for the EVF and expanding the power distribution, which we believe will unlock the BURANO for any cinematography application.”

Mirroring the VENICE 2 collection, customers will notice a lot of similar accessories, but the highlights of this collection include systems for the Base Plate, D-Box and B-Box, Top Plate, and EVF.

Base Plate System: This system includes a low-profile ARCA Base Plate and ARCA Riser Plate and is compatible with any make of bridge plates that uses ARRI Standard height. The Base Plate design keeps the center of gravity low and allows users to easily add shoulder pads or other accessories while maintaining optimal stability. The Riser Plate features an intuitive wedge-clamp locking system with a thumb-screw for added security and comes with ⅜”-16 mounting points to attach the Bridge Plate.

D-Box® and B-Box System: The goal of this system is to add power distribution options to the BURANO. The D-Box provides additional 12V 2-pin, D-tap port, and 3-pin 24V power options and is available in either a Gold Mount or V-Mount. Additionally, the D-Box allows for hot-swap abilities when power is connected to the DC-In and an on-board battery. The B-Box adds two 2-pin 12V, a 3-pin 24V as well as a Remote-In port to your camera setup.

D-Box V-Mount and B-Box System for Sony BURANO

Top Plate System: This System securely mounts to the top of the camera, as well as adds multiple ¼”-20 and ⅜”-16 mounting points. With the front-facing ⅜”-16 mounting points, users can add the Front Dual Rod Clamp to secure the rods with a Top Plate 15mm Upper Rod Clamp. Additionally, with the ⅜”-16 mounting point, users can add the EVF System directly to the Top Plate. The 2 plate design ensures that it can be used in tandem with the SONY PWX-FX9 Top Handle by removing the inner insert and securing the handle directly to the camera. The Top Plate also has mounting locations for the stock BURANO carry handle.

EVF System: The EVF System utilizes the Universal 15mm Rod Clamp and introduces a modular way of mounting the EVF. This system includes a new Universal EVF Accessory Rail Swivel Clamp that is fully rotatable and allows the user to determine the optimal location. Push button safeties help keep the EVF secure to the system while offering a quick-release option in case removal is necessary. An additional mounting option is to use an Accessory Rail with an Accessory Bolt-On Clamp for mounting around the camera when traditional EVF use is not needed.

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“Finalizing the different products in this System took our team down to the wire, as we designed the accessories we knew were needed, it introduced the need for additional accessories like cables, plates and clamps,” says Aiello. “We made sure that we thought through every element of this collection and offered our community everything they need to get the most out of the BURANO. Even more, we want to make sure that this collection allowed for use of other Universal Accessories that optimize a build. All in all, we are proud to offer operators this modular, ergonomic system to outfit their BURANO.”

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