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What’s New in the Adobe video applications: updates for Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush

April 2021 Release

Ensuring the performance and stability of Adobe software is their top priority and they’ve continued to focus engineering efforts in these areas to ensure users get results. The changes Adobe has made over the past year include a shift to smaller, more frequent updates, allowing their teams to iterate faster, and introducing the public Beta program, which expands the test base and incorporates user engagement and feedback within the development process.

Premiere Rush on Apple M1 devices

Premiere Rush now includes support for Apple M1 computers, including recently released models like MacBook Air M1, MacBook Pro M1, and MacMini M1.

On Apple M1 computers, Premiere Rush offers improved performance for playback and editing, and faster exports, compared with comparable Intel-based systems.

All common video and still image file formats are supported, providing a seamless transition from previous generation Mac computers. Project syncing works across devices, so users can continue to work with their projects on Apple Intel, Windows, iOS, Android, and new Apple M1 systems. Support for new Android device Premiere Rush, now with native support for Apple M1 computers, offers improved performance and faster exports.

Premiere Rush, now with native support for Apple M1 computers, offers improved performance and faster exports.

New Timeline context menu for Premiere Rush (iOS)

On iOS you can now tap a video clip on the timeline to bring up the context menu. Use the context menu to split, duplicate, or delete a clip. Tap a video clip with audio to separate the audio clip from the video.

The Timeline Context menu for Rush on iOS

Changes to reset functionality for Premiere Rush

On iOS and Android, use reset for Color, Audio, and Transforms to resets all adjustments. On desktop use the reset function to reset color adjustments.

New Premiere Rush support for Samsung Note 20/20+

Premiere Rush is now available on Samsung Note 20/20+ Android phones.

What’s new in Premiere Pro (15.1)

H.264/HEVC encode performance on Windows (Intel)

New optimizations further improve export times using Intel Quick Sync hardware acceleration., up to 1.8x faster than Premiere Pro 14.0.

Dynamic previews for Lumetri presets

Lumetri presets now display a frame from your current sequence. Thumbnails for Lumetri presets in the Effects panel dynamically update, providing a preview of the preset.

New Dynamic previews for Lumetri presets in Premiere Pro


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