ADD 2.0 Interface

What’s new in Audio Design Desk 2.0

The latest ADD features make music editing and mixing effortless.

SnapCut is a new tool for editing music cues in ADD. No more zooming into the timeline and trying to trim waveforms on the downbeat.

Snapcut detects the BPM of a music file and overlays a grid. Snap to the their downbeat automatically, extract the best moments, and rearrange to match the arc of your video. Audio clips snap together like LEGO blocks.

Element detector is processes SFX files with multiple elements.

Let’s say for example that you’ve got a recording of someone running with 20 impact sounds total. Just drag it into the element detector. A new trigger bank with all the individual footsteps will appear instantly.

Timeline Quicklinks: Download audio files from licensed, third-party providers like Epidemic, Artlist, and SoundStripe. Then drag one of those files into the ADD audio timeline to reveal the QuickLink Toolbar. Use this to build metadata, access the element detector, and more!

Automix uses ADD’s content-aware timeline to automatically adjust gain levels for an audio element. This results in a balanced first draft of a mix. Create mixes and presets based on LUFS standards, ranging from television and radio to digital streaming and social media.

Ready to begin?

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ADD 1.0 users click here to set up your account in the new system.

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