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Since the VEGAS Creative Software team unveiled the new VEGAS Pro last summer – new features, new branding, new pricing, new energy and focus – the development team has been busy. You may recall, at the time of launch, the team made a commitment of adding continuous value to the VEGAS Pro workflow, and rolling out features and updates on a more regular basis. When new features are ready, we’ll ship it! And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

So with that, the team is  rolling out yet another major new update with several new improvements and updates to VEGAS Pro 19.

New Features:

  • A new transition type based on the GL Transitions Package that offers around 50 modern, customizable transitions; 
  • The option to save RAW companion files along with media files when creating a Project Archive;  
  • Added a message to alert users that their GPU driver needs to be updated to avoid red frames; 
  • Detect some media formats that are known to perform poorly during editing and display a message that encourages the user to transcode that media into a more edit-friendly format; 
  • Renewed access to the Smart Upscale plugin via the Deprecated Features tab in the Preferences dialog box 


  • Search in the Video FX, Transitions and Media Generators windows shows the appropriate presets at all times; 
  • Improvements to Control focus in the Color Grading panel;   
  • Users can now  load MPEG-2 media with PCM audio in a MOV container   
  • Improved mouse wheel controls in the Color Grading panel;
  • Style Transfer now works on TGS/DG1 GPUs; 
  • Proper positioning of the transition times readout in an event when the event is out of sync with its corresponding audio or video 
  • Tiny Planet plugin now works as a Media FX and as a pre-Pan/Crop event effect; 
  • Track numbers are now displayed when a track is minimized; 
  • Track header burger menu options are now also available in the track header context menu; 
  • VEGAS Pro now automatically detects Sound Forge Pro 15 and Sound Forge Audio Studio 15 and sets the one detected as the preferred audio editor.


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