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Vamp Agency Produces Halloween Content with Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design today announced that Los Angeles based production company Vamp Agency shoots with Blackmagic Design cameras and uses DaVinci Resolve Studio editing, color grading, visual effects (VFX) and audio post production software for post production and delivery.

Founded by actress and producer LeeAnna Vamp, the Vamp Agency produces a wide range of content, from the video podcast “Let’s Get Spooky,” to the children’s program “The Fiends,” as well as branding and social media content.

“I feel I was born with a spooky vibe and always embraced the strange and unusual, and it reflects in all I create and produce,” said Vamp. “Most of my productions revolve around spooky and Halloween themes that I love, with programs and shows in that nature for families, adults and kids of all ages to enjoy. It makes the overall atmosphere of my work enjoyable.”

Producing material not only for YouTube but also broadcast and social media outlets, Vamp’s acquisition requirements span from standard multi cam broadcasts to vertical format video shooting for platforms such as Instagram. “With the amount of social media content I produce, vertical shooting has become more relevant in our everyday work,” said Vamp. “I always wanted to use a more professional camera for this media, so I was thrilled when the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K began supporting the format.”

The studio adapts to different production needs on the fly. For multi cam work such as talk shows and interview format programming, production uses the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO live production switcher along with Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro G2 and Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pro, with the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K for an additional angle. The Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, the first Blackmagic Design camera the studio purchased, is still used regularly for location shooting. “We’ve used the Pocket 4K for a while now, and we love how easy the menus are to manage, and the large touchscreen monitor on the back is amazing,” continued Vamp. “The functionality between all the camera models is probably my favorite thing because you’re not having to go through different menus and settings on each camera, making the work and setup pretty seamless.”

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The addition of the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO has helped the Vamp Agency streamline their post process. “With my previous solution, it was a matter of lining up my footage manually before I could get to editing. Now, the ATEM creates a Resolve project and timeline for me, which means I have less work to do in post, and I’m able to stream more content directly to my channels.”

Vamp shoots in Blackmagic RAW to retain full color data, which helps her maintain the shows’ vibrant styles. Whether switched or single camera, the agency now finishes all content entirely in DaVinci Resolve Studio. “We edit and finish in Resolve now, which gives us an amazing set of tools to tweak our material without having to jump between programs,” added Vamp. “I love the ease of color grading in the software, and always look forward to learning new techniques from the amazing community of Resolve users.”

For Vamp, though she often feels like a one woman army, she loves the busy schedule of producing shows, podcasts and brand marketing material. “I love having my hands in the work from writing, creating, to shooting,” said Vamp. “It always come down to having the proper tools and professional gear to make doing the work easier and better. These past years using Blackmagic Design cameras and products has made working on set producing content and delivering it to our fans more of a pleasure than work. With more and more content being consumed so quickly, streaming and being able to produce, edit and spit out content efficiently is where it’s at, and Blackmagic Design seems to always stay on top of, helping us make it happen.”

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