Walter Volpatto in studio running Pixels Updates OmniScope with New “Twin Peaks” Scope

Time in Pixels Updates OmniScope with New “Twin Peaks” Scope for Professional Colorists and DITs

The popular videoscope application adds a ‘Diamond style’ video scope for accurate color grading, camera matching, and channel visualization.

Indie software company, Time in Pixels  has released a new version of Nobe OmniScope, featuring the Twin Peaks scope – a specialized diamond shaped display used in television production to ensure accurate color grading and compliance with broadcast standards. Popular with professional colorists and digital imaging technicians, OmniScope is the most powerful and feature rich software video scope application available for the post-production industry.

Twin Peaks: This new scope is Time in Pixel’s own software version of the “diamond style” videoscopes found in multiple hardware devices. The Twin Peaks interface visualizes the relative levels of red, green, and blue channels – offering a clear understanding of color distribution and balance. In addition to channel visualization, Twin Peaks highlights legal color gamut boundaries in both RGB and YCbCr color spaces. By overlaying diamond-shaped plots, they reveal areas where color signals exceed broadcast standards, enabling colorists to identify and correct gamut errors quickly and adhere to legal broadcast requirements. This comprehensive color monitoring ensures that the final content is visually appealing, accurately graded, and adheres to legal broadcast requirements.

Popular with Colorists & DITs:
Time in Pixels founder and lead developer Tom Huczek  is well appreciated in the color grading industry for working closely with the color community  to prioritize and implement the most important feature requests from the user base.

Award-winning colorist Walter Volpatto recently used Nobe OmniScope while working on the newest Francis Ford Copolla film, “Megapolis”.  

“Omniscope is not only extremely flexible, precise, and versatile… it adapts to the user. I am ready to toss my old hardware scopes in the e-waste!” According to Volpatto, “the team at Time in Pixels really listens and I can’t wait to use the Twin Peaks scope on my next project.”

Chad Miller is a veteran colorist, editor and video technician who has worked with well known music artists like Bruno Mars, Rhianna, and Lenny Kravitz. Miller states, “While I have used a diamond style scope in the past, it was always for live production events or balancing multiple camera feeds.  However with this new release, I’m very excited to be using Twin Peaks as my primary scope for shot matching and grading in conjunction with DaVinci Resolve.” 


Nobe OmniScope with Twin Peaks is available now on macOS and Windows. Nobe OmniScope complements  Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, BaseLight, SGO Mistika, Assimilate Scratch, Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, and more video editing and color grading applications. 

  • Twin Peaks is available in the Nobe OmniScope (Pro Version). 

The new update is free for all owners of the OmniScope Pro on an active Upgrade & Support plan. 


  • Nobe OmniScope – (Pro Version) 
  • $399/USD for perpetual license – includes 1 yr support & maintenance plan. 

Learn more and download a free 2 week trial.

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