The Khronos Group Attends SIGGRAPH 2021

Members of The Khronos Group, an open consortium creating graphics and compute interoperability standards, will present Birds of a Feather educational sessions at SIGGRAPH 2021.

Attendees can join the virtual event for free by registering here. If you’re looking for general updates about Khronos standards, news from Vulkan, OpenXR, or status updates about 3D Commerce and glTF – the SIGGRAPH BOFs are a great place to get all your news.  Please see below for an outline of the sessions that the Khronos working group members will be hosting:

• Khronos Fast Forward: Rapid-fire overview of all things Khronos including Vulkan, WebGL, OpenXR, ANARI, glTF, and 3D Commerce

  • Date/Time: August 9 | @ 1pm to 2 pm PDT 

• Vulkan Without Boundaries: Case Studies in the Real World 

  • Date/Time: August 11 | 1pm to 3pm PDT

• 3D Commerce: The art and business of using 3D models in retail at pervasive scale

  • Date/Time: August 10 | 3pm to 4:30pm PDT

• An exploration of pervasive 3D in geospatial with glTF

  • August 11 | 10am to 11am PDT 

• Hands on with glTF: Making 3D pervasive 

  • August 12 | 10am to 11:30am PDT 

• OpenXR: On an HMD near you now! 

  • August 10 | 1pm to 2pm PDT


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