SynQR Black Friday sale up to 50% off

SynQR Black Week Sale!

SynQR is thrilled to announce that the first iOS solution for real-time measurement of your Digital Audio Workstation’s (DAW) video offset, is having a Black Week Sale from November 20 to November 27. This innovative app, developed by sound designer Benjamin Hörbe, eliminates the guesswork in achieving perfect lip-sync in your AV systems, working seamlessly with popular editing software.

SynQR uses your iPhone’s camera to accurately measure video offsets, displaying the results in real-time and allowing for optimal audio and video signal synchronization. This Black Week Sale is a fantastic opportunity to experience this groundbreaking app at a discounted price.

Are you a sound designer, film editor, or home theater enthusiast dealing with out-of-sync video playback? Do you find it challenging to estimate your Digital Audio Workstation’s (DAW) video offset based on a 2-pop? Say goodbye to guesswork. SynQR is the first iOS solution that can measure your playback system’s video offset in real-time, ensuring perfect lip-sync.

In digital AV playback systems, such as DAWs or NLEs, audio and video signals often experience latency due to processing on separate devices. Furthermore, various video codecs can introduce specific offsets, depending on resolution and data rate. These issues can result in audio and video falling out of sync.

SynQR accurately measures these offsets. Simply point your iPhone’s camera at the video screen of your AV system, while playing either a classic film leader or one of SynQR’s dedicated test videos. These test videos, available for download on the official website, use a sequence of QR codes to steer the measurement process. The app then displays the offsets in real-time, both in milliseconds and quarter frames, allowing you to adjust your setup for optimal synchronicity.

SynQR works seamlessly with popular editing software like Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, AVID Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, Nuendo, and Studio One. By providing offset information, SynQR helps users make necessary adjustments for optimal audio and video signal synchronization.

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The temporal resolution of the measurements, dictated by the capture frame rate of iOS devices, is typically 240fps for most models. This allows an accuracy of approximately 4ms to be achieved. To improve this, SynQR forms a weighted average when using its own test videos. Since humans only notice lip-sync errors in a range that significantly exceeds +/-10ms deviation, this provides sufficient precision.

All iDevice models have a model-specific AV offset. This offset is determined during the initial setup of SynQR through a specially designed process and is thereafter automatically incorporated into the offset measurements.

As a result, SynQR achieves a level of accuracy that is more comparable to measurement hardware than to existing software solutions.

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