Sony Cameras with SDK remote control software

Sony Electronics’ Launches Camera Remote SDK Firmware Updates

Version 1.12 Provides Remotely Managed Menu Settings and Camera Control Through Wi-Fi Enabling Remote Control of a Wide Range of Digital Cameras through ISO- Standard PTP Protocol

Today, Sony Electronics launched a new version (Version 1.12) of the previously released Camera Remote SDK (Software Development Kit), bringing more features and Wi-Fi connection amongst other improvements. Additionally, new Camera Remote Command capabilities enable remote control of a wide range of 29 digital camerasi. Through this new specification document, Sony removes restrictions to third-party software development and supports the creation of software that remotely controls Sony’s digital cameras, including shooting, monitoring, and file transfer. These updates are available at no cost through the link here: 

Camera Remote SDK(Version 1.12)

Camera Remote SDK is a high-level command system designed for development efficiency that enables operation and control of Sony digital cameras using dedicated API provided by Sony. This is ideal for use with high-level APIs to efficiently develop programs. This package includes software modules, API references, and sample code.

Version 1.12 expands the capabilities of compatible models (Alpha 1, Alpha 7S III and Alpha7 IV) and now also supports the α9 III, a full-frame interchangeable lens camera with Global Shutter technology. It provides a more efficient workflow when using Sony digital cameras to take remote photographs in the B2B market, like inspections and surveys and e-commerce.

Version 1.12 and later supports the following features:

1. ​ In addition to USB and Ethernet connections, it also supports Wi-Fi, making it possible to use it even in environments where wired connections are difficult, expanding the range of use. 

2. ​ Approximately 100 types of functionsii will be expanded for automation will be added such as: remote key operations, newly added Fn Menu operation and Custom key, etc.

In addition, it supports switching the memory card slot for recording still images and videos according to the shooting situation and switching the ISO AUTO upper/lower limit according to the shooting environment.

Camera Remote Command

Camera Remote Command enables remote control of cameras using a communication protocol that is Sony’s proprietary extension of the ISO standard PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol). This increases convenience when operating camera products from different brands with a single software, or when applying existing software to Sony’s digital cameras. This package includes command references and sample code for developers. Some of the users could be healthcare system development integrators, ITS integrators or photobooth photography system developers, and more.

Both “Camera Remote Command” and “Camera Remote SDK” will be collectively called “Camera Remote Toolkit.” Developers can choose the most suitable method according to their development purpose and application.

For more information and to download Camera Remote Toolkit, please visit the URL below.


For the full list of compatible cameras, please see:

ii Currently, the models that support this function are the A1, A7S III and A7 IV. For details on the functions, please check the specifications included with the SDK. Future supported models will be announced in upcoming updates to the API reference.

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