Sonnet DisplayLink Dual Display Adapters

Sonnet Announces Dual Display Adapters for Apple M1 Mac Computers

Available with either DisplayPort or HDMI ports, and adapters that support two 4K 60Hz displays using a single computer port, and provide bus-powered operation.

What’s New:

Sonnet Technologies today announced the DisplayLink™ Dual DisplayPort™ Adapter for M1 Macs and the DisplayLink Dual HDMI® Adapter for M1 Macs, new additions to the company’s line of dual display adapters for Intel®, M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max Mac®, and Windows® computers. Each adapter incorporates a captive cable with a USB-A connector, includes a USB-A female connector to USB-C® male connector adapter, and connects to a compatible computer’s USB or Thunderbolt™ port for bus-powered operation.

What They Do:

Sonnet’s DisplayLink Dual Display Adapters for M1 Mac computers enable users to connect two 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 60Hz displays — using either DisplayPort or HDMI connections — to a single port on their computers. These adapters are Ideal for use with productivity software such as Microsoft® Office, enabling users to work more efficiently by expanding their computer’s workspace — whether by opening multiple applications on their own screens, editing code or viewing spreadsheets in detail on a large display, or mirroring their computer’s display on a larger monitor. They can also connect a computer to a big-screen TV for browsing the web and watching videos on YouTube and other content at a distance.

Why They’re Important:

The latest 13-inch Apple® MacBook Air® and MacBook Pro® computers deliver great performance but include only two Thunderbolt/USB4® ports for connecting peripherals — displays included — one of which is used for charging the computer. More importantly, these computers natively support only a single external display. Sonnet’s DisplayLink Dual Display Adapters for M1 Mac computers overcome the computers’ limitations to enable users to connect two 4K 60Hz displays at once to one port on their computer, saving the other port for charging or for connecting an additional peripheral device.

How They’re Distinctive:

Most dual display adapters are incompatible with M1 Mac computers, only support lower-resolution displays, or support just one display at a 60Hz refresh rate (the other limited to 30Hz). Sonnet’s DisplayLink Dual Display Adapters for M1 Mac computers support two 4K — or lower resolutions such as 1080p — 60Hz displays, operate off power from the host computer’s USB or Thunderbolt port, and are fully compatible with M1 Mac computers, other Mac computers running macOS® 10.15 and later, and PCs running Windows® 11 or 10.

When You Can Get Them:

Sonnet’s DisplayLink Dual DisplayPort Adapter for M1 Macs (part number USB3-DDP4K) and DisplayLink Dual HDMI Adapter for M1 Macs (part number USB3-DHDMI) will be available from Sonnet the first week of February and soon from channel partners worldwide at the suggested retail price of $149.99 each.

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