Sarah Renae Clark in her studio holding a color box, surrounded by Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO live production switcher and Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pros

Sarah Renae Clark Streams with ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO, Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pro and Cloud Store Mini 8TB

Blackmagic Design today announced that Sarah Renae Clark’s hugely popular social media channels aimed at transforming coloring pages into epic art are created using ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO live production switcher and Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pros. Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini 8TB network storage is also used to provide high speed access to multiple editors.

Clark’s social media channels have grown a huge global following and include multiple programs on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest. With tens of millions of views and more than 500,000 subscribers across various platforms, Clark has built a social media content company that is constantly creating incredibly high quality live streaming and prerecorded content.

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Realizing the need for a higher quality workflow to grow her channels, she and her production partner Shane Clark made the move to using a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro digital film camera. Building on the incredible success from incorporating the single Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro, the new ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO and Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pros, along with additional Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pros, were brought in to be the heart of a new multi channel streaming company.

“Blackmagic cameras, Resolve and ATEMs have been a big part of letting us grow from just starting out streamers to having a full fledged multicamera studio. We have even been able to create additional members only content for people wanting to see me do longer drawing videos, more livestreams and behind-the-scenes content,” Sarah said.

“We started small like most YouTubers. We used ironing boards for desks and all kinds of things for tripods for our phone or old DSLR. But I am an artist, and it was so important that I be able to show details, beautiful colors and angles of the artwork while also talking to the camera. This led us to our first Blackmagic camera, and now we have six and we can be as creative as we want,” she continued.

Since May, two Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pros, four Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pros, an ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO, DaVinci Resolve Studio editing, color grading, visual effects (VFX) and audio post production software and DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor keyboard have been used as their streaming workflow. Content is shot in 6K and sent to the various platforms in 4K.

“We operate in an art studio environment as well as a streaming environment. Artwork is being done over long periods of time, so we use multiple cameras to capture different angles of the artwork. Everything is shot in 6K, which allows us to capture everything we need and then reframe certain details later if needed without losing any quality,” Shane explained.

All six camera feeds are sent into the ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO. The switcher’s built in multiview allows Shane to monitor from behind the scenes and Sarah to monitor while creating her artwork. Camera files are captured using the switcher’s ISO feature and turned into DaVinci Resolve files that Shane uses for editing and color correction in DaVinci Resolve Studio.

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“For videos that we want to feel more candid or for teaching content, we find the ISO function extremely helpful as it allows us to speed up our editing process significantly. When we do an ISO recording with the ATEM, being able to access all the files on the network instantly is extremely useful and a nice change compared to transferring files from a USB disk,” Shane continued.

The Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pro in particular has improved the way they are able to create and manage production team members.

“They are a massive step up from using traditional DSLR cameras for our content and work seamlessly with the ATEM and Pocket cameras. The larger screens and camera controls on the Studio Cameras are more intuitive and easier to use. We recently took the Studio Cameras to another experienced creator’s studio, and the ease of use and functionality was a big talking point. They were admiring the cameras and asking lots of questions,” Shane explained.

The combination of the new cameras and ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO has created a workflow that has made managing a multicamera shoot possible.

“For live streaming, simple things, like having green and red tally lights and larger screens and camera controls in a simple setup, have made the entire process more intuitive and easier to use. Also, things like being able to shoot in various frame rates, recording, and accessing views of other cameras easily are huge for us. And being able to label the inputs makes it easy for other team members to jump in and assist without feeling overwhelmed. Putting everything together lets us create and grow and not worry about the technology,” Shane said.

To handle the large amount of footage shot, Clark works with multiple editors using Cloud Store Mini 8TBs. This includes an assistant editor who ingests footage, sets up projects and does the first round of cuts. Another editor simultaneously works on the creative edit in the same project file, and often will have more than one project being worked on at once.

“Laggy and slow footage was a huge frustration for us in the past because we used a regular NAS in our studio, which we used for everything in our business. The Cloud Store Minis have performed well with our multicam 6K footage and having high speed access to our footage that multiple people can work on at once has significantly increased our work-rate,” finished Shane.

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