RomTek Demo Room outfitted with AJA KUMO and HELO Plus

RomTek Electronics SRL Outfits Sophisticated ‘Demo Room’ with AJA KUMO and HELO Plus

Romania-based RomTek Electronics SRL has been a go-to equipment, solutions, and engineering services provider for local companies in a range of industries since 1998. Its 15-person team continues to set itself apartby advancing its offerings, including the development of a sophisticated ‘demo room.’ Effectively a small production studio, the space is equipped with gear from major brands in the RomTek portfolio, including AJA’s KUMO 1616-12G routerKUMO CP control panelHELO Plus H.264 streaming solution, and various AJA Mini-Converters

“AJA kit has always been crucial for our portfolio for its quality, reliability, and value, so naturally it’s the glue that holds our demo room workflow together. The AJA KUMO 1616-12G router and KUMO CP control panel are best-in-class, and the AJA HELO Plus streaming solution has proven far more reliable than any other streaming solution that we have tested,” said Corneliu Cristian Gheorghiu, RomTek’s Business Development Director of Audio/Video/TV/Film. 

Designed to be quickly reconfigured, RomTek’s demo room can serve as a space for up to 12 people to meet and host a live audience presentation for up to 25 people. It’s also set up to support demonstration and training demands, and for high-quality productions. With modular furniture, a mobile 100-inch professional TV display and a retractable green screen, the room’s equipment can be easily re-purposed and various technologies employed. 

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“We can capture virtual backgrounds, use the TV monitor, or employ other physical backgrounds, while preserving the feeling of live experiences as opposed to mundane marketing presentations,” Gheorghiu explained. While Gheorhiu is focused on the Audio/Video/TV/Film (A/V/TV/F) area of RomTek’s business, he also works to identify and create synergies with the company’s other segments: Telecommunications (Telecom), and Test & Measurement and Educational Training Platforms (T&M – ETP). By anticipating and adapting to technology trends, he can better strengthen and expand relationships with partner suppliers to the benefit of customers. 

“I’m a builder by nature so I enjoy seeing how projects and opportunities turn into realities and AJA gear is a constant in realizing those achievements,” Gheorhiu concluded. “In terms of manufacturing quality and based on years of first-hand experience, I can say that the AJA equipment is solid. I know many of our customers won’t even consider alternative brands or products once they’ve discovered AJA.”


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