Rohde & Schwarz TE1 Transmitter

Rohde & Schwarz launches new era of efficient, sustainable, and smart broadcast transmission

The R&S®TE1 is the company’s latest and most sustainable transmitter; product debut comes alongside introduction of 24/7 remote monitoring service. 

Rohde & Schwarz will unveil the new R&S®TE1 liquid-cooled transmitter at NAB 2024 (booth SU4039, Las Vegas Convention Center, 14 – 17 April).

The new R&S®TE1 is the first liquid-cooled transmitter design post Repack. As an ATSC 3.0 native transmitter, it is made for sustainable broadcasting in the connected world, turning critical challenges into opportunities for broadcasters to unlock new and engaging revenue-rich digital services. Further refined, it is a true peace-of-mind solution that reduces operational costs, minimizes the carbon footprint of transmission, and creates new business opportunities. 

The result is a transmitter at least 15% more energy efficient than even the best current designs, and 40% more efficient than the average installed base. With a matching reduction in carbon emissions, Rohde & Schwarz once again sets a higher standard for sustainability in broadcast transmission.

The proven Rohde & Schwarz liquid-cooled transmitter technology ensures heat from the amplifiers is efficiently dissipated outside, eliminating the need for power-intensive air conditioning. The design eliminates single points of failures, and the intelligent software control layer ensures that over the lifetime of the transmitter the optimal efficiency is maintained throughout self-adaptation.

Through its unique architecture, the R&S®TE1 simplifies maintenance and operation significantly. It combines high reliability with easy troubleshooting and remote support capabilities, increasing efficiency for network operators. All parameters can be monitored and controlled remotely, reducing the need for transmitter staff to be on site.

Rohde & Schwarz is introducing a unique service: RMTX (Remote Transmitter Monitoring). Through this service, customers can rely on Rohde & Schwarz expert support to have their transmitter systems continuously monitored. This allows rapid responses in case of serious issues, remote technical support and guidance, fast shipment of spare parts, and routine preventative maintenance actions to be scheduled most efficiently. 

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“With ATSC 3.0 now reaching 75% of all US households, broadcasters are faced with three critical challenges and opportunities. They must reduce energy costs and carbon footprint to become more sustainable; cut operational costs through higher resilience and decrease reliance on the industry’s limited supply of engineers; and they need to explore new business opportunities and revenue sources,” said Manfred Reitmeier, Vice President Broadcast and Amplifier Systems at Rohde & Schwarz. 

“The R&S®TE1 builds on our proven skills and experience in transmitter design, and delivers against these three key requirements,” Reitmeier adds. “Our transmitter solutions deliver functionality, reliability and quality; by adding RMTX to the service level agreement, it maximizes risk mitigation for the operator, and it provides an affordable and predictable cost of ownership over a typical lifetime of 10 years or more,” said Claudia Goerig, Service Product Manager for Broadcast and Amplifier Systems at Rohde & Schwarz.

To join the launch event on Sunday, 14 April at 14:00hrs visit Rohde & Schwarz at NAB 2024 booth SU4039. Learn more about the R&S®TE1, RMTX and how they are driving a new era of efficient, sustainable and smart broadcast distribution.

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