RIST To Showcase Live Demos and Presentations from its Members at the VSF virtual event VidTrans 2021

The Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) Forum will be demonstrating use cases for its interoperable protocol during Virtual VidTrans 2021. In addition, presentations from RIST members will take place during the conference which will explore the technical benefits and upcoming developments for the protocol.
This year, VidTrans 2021 will be delivered virtually using a highly interactive platform to host live demonstrations and audio over IP networks. The theme for Virtual VidTrans 2021 is, “Innovations in IP for Media Production”. The event will focus on innovative methods of IP networking and video technologies and the application for both long-haul video transport and for the production studio itself. Combining technical sessions, demos and networking opportunities within a virtual exhibition hall. The platform will be accessible to all attendees and exhibitors and will facilitate both one-to-one communication and group video discussions.
During the event, technical sessions and case-study presentations from RIST members will take place, showcasing some of the latest RIST applications as well as improvements to the protocol. These include, a libRIST Deep Dive, presented by Sergio Ammirata of SipRadius, which will discuss optimizing performance with an error correction protocol over congested networks. An overview of the last 2 years of RIST roll-out with Kieran Kunhya of Open Broadcast Systems, exploring use cases, benefits and challenges with the protocol. As well as a Scottish Premiership Football case study, presented by Chris Clarke of Cerberus Tech, which will explain the key considerations when shifting to IP for live sports. 
The confirmed RIST demos, which will be taking place during the event are listed below:

  • Cerberus Tech: Seamlessly switch between UDP, RIST, SRT, RTMP and HLS, scaled to unlimited outputs in a dockerised application for device, data centre or cloud.
  • Cobalt: Live transmission from an Android cell phone to a Cobalt Professional Decoder. The output of the decoder goes through an SDI monitor to showcase the fact that the original video of the cell phone is converted to a broadcast-grade SDI signal.  Live real-time statistics are also provided.  The demo will be streamed live to YouTube using a Cobalt encoder. 
  • Evertz: RIST streaming to AWS with BRAVO live production in the cloud. There will be three different streams from live sport events, which will then be encoded and transported with RIST using the Evertz 5782XPS platform to BRAVO in AWS cloud for live production. It will then be live streamed for the show.
  • Net Insight: RIST, SRT and Zixi streaming in to and out of Nimbra Edge, Net Insight’s fully open, intelligent routing platform for ingesting, delivering, and distributing live media IP streams. RIST Main Profile will be used for media transport inside the Nimbra Edge cloud setup.
  • Nevion: Demonstration of prototype tunnel level ARQ, showing RIST ARQ protection of TCP streams on a link with packet loss. Will show packet loss and recovery statistics, and TCP throughput comparison with and without the protection.
  • Open Source: Windows Desktop encoded to H.264/AAC and sent over central RIST server to clients using Wireguard/VLC. Demo hosted by SipRadius.
  • QVidium: Live Zoom demo showing latency of QVidium HEVC encoding and decoding, and QVidium iPhone app transmitting live HEVC video with RIST to a QVidium HEVC decoder. Latency is demonstrated with a multi-viewer showing the reference SDI source and decoded UDP and RIST streams. The multi-viewer’s output is used as the Zoom VidTrans booth feed and simultaneously live broadcast to YouTube with a QVCodec4K. This demo is achieved with a single quad QVCodec4K performing 2 decodes and 2 encodes simultaneously.
  • SipRadius: Ground to Cloud to Cloud to Ground (Raspberry PI to AWS to Azure to local VMWare VM) using librist for a totally custom self-hosted workflow. H.264 from edges and NDI from cloud to cloud.
  • VideoFlow and Open Broadcast Systems: Load share between landline and 5G mobile, the demo will demonstrate landline and 5G mobile contribution from a remote site to a cloud location. The demo will show hot/hot delivery (SMPTE2022 -7), load share and sliced delivery (main delivery over landline and supplement over 5G mobile).
  • Zixi: Spin up a RIST channel stream from within Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane and deliver to AWS MediaConnect. With Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane, users can orchestrate complex RIST deployments at scale and leverage essential monitoring and management tools.

To register for VidTrans please go to vsf.tv


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