RIST Streaming Server and Authentication Server

RIST Introduces IP Multicast Authentication

The Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) Forum has announced that the RIST Main Profile Specification (VSF TR-06-2) now supports IP Multicast Authentication. The upcoming TR‑06‑2:2022 includes a mechanism to authenticate a multitude of receivers, the EAP SHA256-SRP6a Authentication Protocol.

The RIST Forum is an industry group dedicated to facilitating and promoting the adoption of the RIST protocol, the only protocol designed for delivering premium broadcast-grade content over the public internet, without losing quality. It ensures that video content will be reliably delivered to audiences, regardless of bandwidth limitations.

Using the EAP SHA256-SRP6a Authentication Protocol, RIST can be used to securely create a multicast content distribution system without customers being locked into a proprietary vendor system. This new feature enables bidirectional authentication and is based on the use of username/password, thus removing the need to generate and maintain complex SSL certificates.  RIST also includes mechanisms to de-authorize receivers on-the-fly without disturbing the content.

Ciro Noronha, President, the RIST Forum, commented: “Since its development, RIST has natively supported IP Multicast, enabling one-to-many transmission with reliable, low-latency delivery. With security a growing concern for broadcasters, authentication becomes even more crucial when transmitting content over a combination of network lines. The RIST Multicast Authentication system offers a free alternative to costly proprietary DRM systems and ensures that only authorized receivers are able to decrypt the multicast content.”

The EAP SHA256-SRP6a Authentication Protocol will be published as part of the 2022 update for both RIST Main Profile (VSF TR‑06‑2) and RIST Advanced Profile (VSF TR‑06‑3).

RIST spokespeople will be available to meet at IBC between 9-12 September. Get in touch to arrange a meeting.


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