RE:Vision Effect Multi-Frame Rendering Tutorial

RE:Vision Effects takes Multi-Frame Rendering to a new level

Support for Adobe’s betas for AE’s MFR and for Apple M1 support in Premiere Pro

Adobe has released public betas for users to test drive AE’s coming implementation of MFR (multi-frame rendering) and Premiere’s support for Apple M1 systems. The betas are available via the Creative Cloud application (accessed through the beta tab in the application) and won’t over-write your current version.

We’re happy to report that our plug-ins DEFlicker 2.2, DE:Noise 3.5, RE:Match 2.6, RE:Grade 1.3, RE:Lens 2.4, RE:Map 4.2, RSMB 6.4, and Twixtor 7.5 will support the betas. You will just need to download the current version, or order the upgrade if you’re on an earlier version.

Unique to RE:Vision Effects! Support for multiple GPU in MFR context:
If you’ve got DEFlicker 2.2, DE:Noise 3.5, RE:Lens 2.4, RE:Map 4.2, RSMB 6.4, or Twixtor 7.5 and a system with multiple GPUs of the same model, you’re in luck! We’re the first to implement support for multi-GPU with After Effects’ multi-frame rendering. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

About Video Gogh and MFR:
Multi-frame rendering will break Video Gogh by default but it can be turned off. Click here to see how.

Tech Fixes:
The “REVision Activate” panel in our installers as well as in the floating license server installer could crash the UI panel on some Mac Big Sur systems. You can download the updated floating license software here

REVisionActivate is getting fixed in the individual downloads as we release each product installer. Every installer published after June 11th has the fix.

What’s coming up: FCP/Motion Universal build for M1
We’ve been told by Apple that the next dot release would fix the image parameter bug in FxPlug v4 needed for some of our products, so stay tuned….

Coming next:
DEFlicker support for M1, which we’ll announce as soon as it’s ready. Meanwhile RSMB regular, DE:Noise and Twixtor regular are M1 ready.

Product upgrades:
New versions of RE:Flex, FieldsKit, SmoothKit and RE:Fill are in the works to enable M1 and multiple-frame rendering support. These upgrades will be free to Effections v21 users and for anyone that buys them from today. We don’t have a release date yet but it will definitely be in 2021.


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