Pixotope Breaks Down Barriers to Virtual Production Adoption at IBC2022

Pixotope Camera Tracking and New XR Edition reduce technical complexities, simplify workflows; Pixotope Education Program expands Virtual Production talent pool

Pixotope Technologies AS, the leader in live augmented reality (AR), extended reality (XR), and virtual production solutions, is breaking down barriers to Virtual Production adoption and growth through its recently introduced technology solutions and initiatives. Visitors to stand 7.D08 at the RAI in Amsterdam from September 9-12 can expect to see how easy Pixotope makes it for all media producers to adopt Virtual Production solutions and workflows. Specifically, attendees will learn how Pixotope Camera Tracking provides a streamlined approach to camera tracking and graphics integration, how the introduction of its XR Edition simplifies set up and operation of XR environments with LED volumes, and how the launch of the Pixotope Education Program (PEP) will help build out the currently-limited Virtual Production talent pool.

“This IBC is all about validating the ways in which Pixotope is making Virtual Production accessible to all media producers,” says Pixotope CEO Marcus Brodersen. “A lack of available talent, challenges associated with camera tracking, and the complexity and resource cost of configuration are all frequently named as major barriers to adoption. As a result, there is a relatively small pool of professionals that can navigate the technology and workflows. Pixotope is knocking down those barriers with the introduction of solutions that simplify user experience alongside a unique education program to train the next generation of Virtual Production powerhouse talent.”

Pixotope product specialists will be on hand to discuss how customers can leverage the entire suite of Pixotope solutions to bring augmented reality, extended reality, and virtual studios into their productions to expand their content offering. 
For more information, please visit https://www.pixotope.com/ibc2022

Book a Meeting to Step Into A New Reality

IBC2022 show attendees are invited to book a meeting with a Pixotope product specialist to learn more. 

The Power of Pixotope 

Pixotope solutions are used on productions around the world to create content that captivates and inspires. Pixotope holds up to the highest standards, from TF1’s journey to Mars and Valve’s Dota 2 international tournament to VideoReport Canaria’s live broadcasts and Level’s Pixotope-powered demo, it’s optimized for real-time production and fast integration into existing workflows. 

Camera Tracking Made Easy

At the 2022 NAB Show, Pixotope announced the acquisition of TrackMen Gmbh, the most comprehensive camera tracking solutions provider in the business. With the acquisition, Pixotope Camera Tracking makes these solutions available and accessible to a much wider audience, by improving the existing integration and simplifying interfaces to make tracking and graphics work together seamlessly.

XR Edition: Extended Reality for Everyone

At IBC, Pixotope will debut an all new XR Edition of its award-winning graphics software. Designed to mitigate the technical complexities and associated resource costs of XR workflows and environments with LED volumes, Pixotope’s XR Edition includes a range of tools to simplify set up and operation of XR productions for an improved and more efficient user experience. 
Featured tools/solutions include: 

  • Unique Color Match functionality for AR<->XR workflows to automatically sync color between in-camera visual effects (ICVFX), LED volumes and AR graphics
  • LED mesh import and automatic alignment to significantly reduce set up time
  • Multi-input switching in software puts images on your LED volume and your AR rendering, literally changing perspectives as you switch between cameras 
  • Multi-output support optimizes hardware utilization by driving several large panels from a single server/workstation
  • Health and diagnostics monitoring ensures failover and system resilience

Pixotope Education Program: The Next Generation of Virtual Production Talent Emerges

Beyond technical achievements, Pixotope is investing in the community, leading the way for industry education with the introduction of the Pixotope Education Program (PEP) at IBC 2022. A community- oriented initiative for higher education institutions, it aims to help prepare the next generation of Virtual Production talent. The expanded Pixotope platform coupled with the PEP works to create an on-ramp to Virtual Production workflows based on ease of use, technical excellence, education, and knowledge sharing. 

“The PEP is our way of breaking down the number one barrier to Virtual Production adoption and growth: the lack of available talent. By leveraging our network of partners and experts, we can help educational institutions fill in the knowledge gaps while also providing affordable access to the tools that power Virtual Production. With the PEP, we’re building a pipeline of next-generation talent so that Virtual Production can simply become media production,” concludes Pixotope Chief Revenue Officer, David Dowling.


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