AJA Photron TFX-Artist

Photron’s TFX-Artist Uses AJA KONA 5 to Power 4K/UltraHD Telop for Japanese Broadcasts

For powering real-time messaging graphics for Japanese television shows and variety programs, broadcasters require efficient and high-quality telop and text character generator software. A key element of Japanese TV, telop entails scrolling tickers, captions and subtitles that serve as essential direction and messaging for audiences. To aid broadcasters in pursuit of streamlined telop creation and delivery, image solutions provider Photron recently developed TFX-Artist, a live telop system and character generator that leverages AJA’s KONA 5 to produce real-time messaging graphics for 4K productions.

Photron TFX-Artist

TFX-Artist is the first telop system tailored specifically to the Japanese language, enabling broadcast clients to quickly and easily write vertical and horizontal characters and expressions. Used by editorial assistants during post-production, TFX-Artist is a streamlined program that simplifies the creation of captions with a robust feature set developed in response to customer feedback.

With growing demand for 4K/UltraHD production in the Japanese broadcast market, Photron equipped TFX-Artist with AJA’s KONA 5 PCIe I/O card for driving 4K/UltraHD graphics. KONA 5 supports the overlay of live 4K/UltraHD captions and graphics on output video, enabling broadcasters to finetune telop in real-time and increase the efficiency of production.

Photron TFX-Artist

Looking forward, Photron is in the process of developing new tools for TFX-Artist that will aid in remote telop creation, in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, visit: https://www.photron-digix.jp/telop/.


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